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    USAFA Cadets/Drug Charges

    Did I read somewhere ( in virtually every thread) on the forums that needs of the force come first..[emoji45][emoji45]
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    Local admissions briefing

    Wow.. there is all kind of dinners being offered by USMA..lucky you all [emoji6][emoji6]
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    Let’s remember to wear that big SMILE on top the nice bow/tie.
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    Eye Exam

    Don’t know what it means but if it means being a helicopter parent.. then yes [emoji6][emoji6]
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    Eye Exam

    I think I was just thinking too much.. DD just needs to focus on important things right now in her junior year. thanks a lot All.
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    Eye Exam

    So there is no private eye doctor I can take my DD for exam ( similar to what DoDMerb conducts)?
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    Eye Exam

    I want to pay for it as DD is still a junior and has not filled any application.
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    Eye Exam

    Hi Can anybody suggest what eye exam needs to be done for a SA candidate? My DD is a junior at HS, so wondering if I can get her eye exam done and find out pre-emptively if there are any issues. I totally understand that even if there are issues, waiver can be requested by individual SAs when a...
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    Class profile across several years

    My DW and I did some number play. Assuming intake of 1200 ( 280 are athlete recruits, enlist, prior service and 920 non-recruited athlete) and mean of SAT is 1290 for all class ( which is kind of low from my understanding, but it's what it is from usma link) - if mean of Recruited Athlete SAT...
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    Class profile across several years

    My understanding is anyone who opens an application with USMA is an applicant. Sites that quite USMA stats may not be updated with the latest and greatest.
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    Any USAFA Grads Who Became Fighter Pilots?

    Hi Pima: would you please expand on your remarks about being a Major vs Air Force Officer after 10 years of service. I am not from any military background, so couldn’t understand the comparison. I do understand that O-4 is a major rank is army and in Air Force.
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    Class profile across several years

    The number of applicants dropped quite a bit from class of 2020...
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    Class profile across several years

    Hi, Sharing this link from USMA.. interesting stats covering several years including for class of 2023. Regards
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    Is this correct for other SAs ( USMA, USAFA)?
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    So what determines one should be awarded type 1 or type 2? Sat/Act Gpa EC Physical fitness Interview ( I understand this has most weightage)