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  • Thank you for the message and the link! I am currently not part of Facebook... but I will be now! It sounds super!!! Thank you so much!!
    Dear Tim and Cindy,
    Thanks for your note. It was good to hear from you and we are still praying for the BFE to arrive for your DS. We hurt for all of the families because the waiting is just so very stressful. Our prayers are daily for you to hear great news. Our best to you. Batmom
    Dear Tim and Cindy,
    I am still praying for your family and your son. I haven't seen you post so I didn't know if you have heard news or if you are still waiting. I know how difficult each day without news becomes... Please keep us posted as we are PRAYING for the BFE to arrive for your son. Thanks for your support for our son...Batmom
    Thank you so very much for your note of encouragement and your prayers. It was so wonderful to awaken to your message. We need and appreciate your prayers. I pray that both of our sons will be accepted. I hope if they are we can meet for the parents weekend. Thank you!
    Well I tried......I hope it worked!!

    and Im not sure if this is going to get to you, never tried to answer anyone before.

    I guess we just have to be happy we are fortunate enough to have such great kids
    Hi again,
    It is both exciting and excruciatingly difficult to await the final decisions. My son has already been accepted to many other schools in Calif.,but they are not what he wants. He wants USAFA (#1) and USNA (#2). He is the Principal Nominee to USAFA and the Principal Alternate to USNA, but we have heard nothing at all from anyone. Also, it is complicated because he needs a medical waiver for his knees. We'll be praying for your son too!
    Hi batmom: Thanks so much. My son has lived for this moment. And he also wants to fly. He attended SS at USAFA and USNA last summer, both were third sessions. He really feels like he belongs at USAFA. If he doesn't get an appointment this time, he is prepared to start the application process over again immediately. In the meantime, Plan B is Embry-Riddle or NC State. ERAU if enough scholarship money comes in. I think finally knowing which way he will be moving will help some.
    Tim and Cindy,
    I truly understand and empathize with all of the emotions you are feeling! My son (my youngest of 2 sons) has wanted this since age 10. The last 2 years, it has been his entire focus, and I have never seen him this excited about anything. He attended NASS last summer and returned saying that attending an academy is his goal and becoming a military officer is the career he wants. He isn't just hoping for this school (either USAFA or USNA) because he wants to fly in the military. Our older son is at a Univ. of Calif about 1 1/2 hours from home, so it will be more difficult to see this DS. However, our desire to see him begin to live his dream far outweighs any concerns about our missing seeing him regularly. I hope both our sons are accepted. It is SO difficult to wait for the news...
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