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    Changing Account name for Army ROTC

    "Sometimes we have to lie alittle bit to save us trouble." EG -- my suggestion is that you show your father this whole thread -- particularly the line above, and have a discussion with him about the subject. I am not suggesting this because I think your dad will chew you out, but as a way to...
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    Changing Account name for Army ROTC

    My husband had the pleasure of serving with Mike Maples several times over his career -- he is one of the finest officers we have ever known. One of the key points anyone who has ever dealt with him will mention is his honesty and forthrightness -- with Mike you get what you see. I think...
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    Sibling at an academy

    I can tell everyone that my older son (2008) was called in to the admissions office at USMA last year after his brother applied for the class of 2011 and asked his honest opinion as to his brother's seriousness/intent/chance of succeeding as a cadet. I imagine they would not have bothered to do...
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    Automatic Hijack Thread

    More in Atlanta... Add several other attractions: Stone Mountain is a big park with lots to do. It is the largest piece of granite in the US, and you can hike to the top if you like, then see the laser show after dark. The World of Coca Cola just opened their new facility adjacent to the...
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    Help Wanted: Peacemaker - Article by Thoms L. Friedman

    My husband is currently stationed at Multi-National Corps HQ in Iraq. He shared a few things that blew my mind. A very reliable source told him that the Embassy in Iraq only has 10 State Department employees (including the ambassador) who speak Arabic on staff. He also said that many senior...
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    Iran Next??

    Article Part 2 “It’s always been assumed that this would be something of a risky operation,” Cordesman said. Iran’s submarines are modern Russian diesel electrics, famously difficult to track. Each carries wake-homing and wire-guided torpedoes, according to Cordesman. The submarines are...
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    Iran Next??

    Article Part 1 War with Iran would be Navy, Air Force show Some point to buildup in Persian Gulf region as precursor to attack By William H. McMichael - Staff writer Posted : Thursday Feb 22, 2007 20:08:37 EST The attack would probably come by air. Waves of U.S. cruise missiles and...
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    Date Change for R-Day

    Announced officially today: The Superintendent approved the move of "R" Day from June 25 to July 2, 2007. Please pass this information on.
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    2005 Grad killed in Iraq.

    Unfortunately the class of 2005 has lost it's first member in Iraq. You can find the information here:
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    Remember 9/11/01

    I was in the surgical suite at the veterinary hospital where I work when the first reports began coming in over the radio. We finished the surgery we were performing, and ran to our breakroom to turn on the television. When it became apparent that it was not an accident my next thought was for...
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    New Majors

    My son is an Arabic major at USMA. They just got told this week that the foreign languarge department has been budgeted the $$ to send ALL Arabic majors abroad for a semester to immerse. Guess they figure the Army will need these skills for some time to come....
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    Newsweek "My Turn" Essay

    The "My Turn" essay in the new newsweek is by a 2009 Cadet. It can be viewed online at
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    Ruptured Tympanic Membrane

    Rupture confirmed -- what now? Had appointment with ENT this afternoon and confirmed hole in tympanic membrane. Small (about 2mm) and he feels confident he can repair it. The Dr. was familiar with being disqualified by the hole, and assured my son he has successfully helped others become...
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    Ruptured Tympanic Membrane

    Thanks! I already made a ENT appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully that will settle it. If not, should I speak to the doctor about a tympanoplasty ASAP? (I understand that there may be reluctance on his part since there is no pain/recent history of infection). It is so wonderful to...
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    Ruptured Tympanic Membrane

    My son had his initial DoDMERB physical at Fort Gordon today. He had chronic otitis media as a small child, but no episodes since 1995. He had vent tubes placed in 1989 and 1994. I was aware that he had scarring on the tympanic membrane on the left, but was told today that there is a question...