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    This is exactly what my OG said. He said he was too tired to sleep, just laying there thinking about all his buddies playing game comfortably at home and wondering what he was doing here :D
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    Company assignment?

    I think R-Day. As a parent, I'm hundred percent sure you will know it on R-Day after dropping off cadet.
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    R-DAY for class of 2026

    DrMom, your note still got me choking up! Thank you!
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    USMA Founders Day Dinner

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    USMA Founders Day Dinner

    This was how DS got notified of his appointment to West Point. We were not sure so I called the AFF, he confirmed then couple hours later, the senator called to congratulate him.
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    USMA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    I would love to see that picture if you can find it. Wonder how could I miss it since I was there 14 hrs that Rday almost three years ago. :)
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    USMA Class Size 2024?

    I wish I would have known this before DS reported for Rday, I kept thinking why he was so different, sometimes acting like a jerk...he later told me he so worried to the point he couldn't sleep. At Beast, he said many nights he was too tired to sleep. He started doubting his own decision to go...
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    QNS to BFE

    Heartfelt congratulation to your DS and family! So so happy to hear this in April after many TWE post!
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    Expenses for applicants

    We chose to booked ourself so we can be with DS on R day. But you definitely can arrange directly with WP travel agency, they can take care of everything without you paying anything up front.
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    Expenses for applicants

    There is $2000 to be deposited to candidate cadet account but they can be taken out from your stipend ($200/month for plebe year) monthly like $100 until it is paid off. Cadets even get reimbursed for flight ticket and lodging when they report for R day. You just need to come with your boot and...
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    Facebook groups?

    I would totally agree with you and Mom3boys. As a plebe mom almost 2 years ago, I got a lot of help and answer from moms' page, from trivia things like what to wear for Aday, where to find best food around West Point to more serious things like how and when to book a ticket for cadet home on...
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    Facebook post

    Gosh! Watching this video still got me so emotional. Good luck to all!
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    Book Stipend

    I am 100% sure the left over money will be your to keep. DS purchased book from upper class men or on Amazon, he said you can even rent the book if you want to save even more.
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    When would a boy from Texas recieve a nomination from senator?

    Just like MidCakePa said "wait" that's all we can do! For your information, my DS got his first nomination in mid-December and the other two in January (you only need one), then his appointment to West Point on March 8th. Good luck!!!
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    Recommendation from senator

    My DS got one nomination from our district representative around mid December. And the other two senetors's nominations in January.