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    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    I’m in his division
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    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    Yes, NROTC Marine Option. I’m currently Active duty right now
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    Post April 15th Status Update Thread

    Also CPR with a Presidential and SECNAV nom
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    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    My backup is also VMI! Looks like it’s time to complete all that paperwork they sent in the mail because who knows when we will all hear back from USNA.
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    Tracker for end game TWEs and Appts.

    That is what I was wondering
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    Still CPR

    I think they meant as in it is the 15th and it seems like we may not hear back tonight. Not what CPR actually stands for as an acronym
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    Still CPR

    Also CPR at 630 eastern time
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    Does any priors know what a 3270 document is and why i might need to submit it? I ran into another applicant who happened to be an admin clerk and he mentioned that i should submit it but didn't mention what it was used for.
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    USMC Prior Enlisted to USNA

    Hello everyone, I'm currently an candidate for the USNA with my package almost finished. I just took my ACT&SAT within the past month. I've read a lot of these forums about how Leadership is generally looked at more than academics for priors, but something in the back of my head still has me...