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    Part 1, 2, and 3

    You may send them separately. However, as mentioned above, part one has to be done online to initiate the applicant account. Do that asap because if I remember right, the deadline for that is in january. so sometime this month. That's because the applicant account has to be established for the...
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    Seeking Advice from USMMA Students and Alumni Please

    Boy it's sure easy to complain for these people through a keyboard! If you come here, come with an open mind. The upper class midshipman have big heads around here and like to complain about changes. If you come here, you will be faced with adversity as I'm sure you expect. I thought it was a...
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    Does GPA determine AD at KP

    I did AROTC last year and am at USMMA this year. I definitely miss some ROTC experiences and miss the military training you get there if you go to a good battalion. However, and unfortunately for all those AROTC cadets around the nation who probably deserve it more, being from a service academy...
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    What are "Passing" CFA scores?

    you'll always hear "there's no minimums, just maximums". well that's wrong. there is guidelines and a scale floating around out there on the web I found when I was applying. However, the minimum is flexible due to the fitness level of applicants. If all else, look at the minimums for the APFT...
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    How to improve chances and chances now?

    the ACT is where the meat and potatoes are. Can't stress the test enough. It's the dumbest test you could ever take and by far the dumbest one to gauge incoming candidates, but they do it. Get that thing in the 30's if you can. Take that thing every testing period unless you get 32+. Sure all...
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    More Info on USMMA?

    Like he said, all of your questions are answered very thoroughly on other threads. However, I'd like to note that I didn't know about this place until I was nominated here. Same story for almost everyone. You were blessed to get the nomination here rather than those other places.
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    Great stuff to know heading in! Thank you! Guess we'll see what happens.
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    To Buckeye and KPEngineer, pkt's must be an acronym for something. What is that? And what are spirit missions if you can sum it up or even give an example? And thank you so very much for informing me!
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    So everybody asks this question but everybody is reluctant to answer because it's the cool thing to do, or some other ego/traditional thing. Well I'm here to say that I want to prepare myself. We hear that you have to prove yourselves to people, but there's obviously checkboxes. I would like to...
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    Numbers of slots available?

    No problem! And for plan b as FALgarand noted, you should hear in the next week. They understand plan b options are realistic and time sensitive. However, you could get an appointment after may 1 due to those few people who deferred to the may 1 date and end up declining. There's very few of...
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    Numbers of slots available?

    CO is allocated 4 slots. So we filled our allocated slots. However, 15 people from CO could get appointed if they all rank well on the NWL. It just depends on how many points your application scored because most states have filled their allocated slots at this point. When it comes to prep...
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    Numbers of slots available?

    The colorado parents association had united us all at this point.
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    Numbers of slots available?

    Colorado, as I'm a colorado appointee this year, has 7 appointees so far. One declined. That's as much as I know at this point.
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    I was denied for the same reason last year. I am doing a year at a university doing ROTC which earned me an appointment this year. Of course, I did have to improve my scores, but I did. I suggest following the same path!
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    Colorado appointee

    Being a colorado appointee, I'm aware of 6 of us total so far; more than the 4 slated for CO. However, I believe one girl pulled her appointment which would take it down to 5 total so far. Just because more than 4 received appointments from CO, doesn't mean you're screwed man, you're just thrown...