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5-Year Member, from Sunny Southern California

5-Year Member
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Jul 16, 2011
    1. USNA DAD 2014
      USNA DAD 2014
      Tell him to keep the grades up and ENJOY his Senior Year.
    2. OH Wrestling Mom
      OH Wrestling Mom
      Thanks for the info. Friday afternoon his acceptance letter for NAPS arrived. He is thrilled. He signed his acceptance letter, gothis police check on Sunday and off went his info in this morning's mail. We will certainly be checking out the NAPS forums. Thanks again.
    3. OH Wrestling Mom
      OH Wrestling Mom
      Hope you dont mind that I am sending you a message, but I have a question and I figured you would know the answer.

      My son is a wrestler who, was told by the wrestling coach this past summer, while at camp, that he would most likely go through NAPS intially. Coach had him talk with some current wrestlers who attended NAPS so he would have an idea of what he could expect to experience. My son is thrilled to attend NAPS and feel that would be the perfect fit for him, both academically and athletically. USNA has alwayst been his first choice. The one question I cant seem to find the answer to when does one find out if they do get accepted into NAPS? Is it later in the process (March/April) or is there a chance he could find out by December? Do they like to have the nomination secure first? These are just some questions he has asked.

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