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    USAFA vs Navy Football Game

    The USNA at USAFA game in 2012 was by far my favorite game. We had fabulous seats, surrounded by USAFA parents, and Kaydets to our right. It was the debut game for Keenan Reynolds, and USNA won in OT. Our seats were behind the USNA bench, at the 40 yard line, about 6th -8th row. The. BEST...
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    Discouraged, what should I do/need on my resume?

    Your resume looks pretty good. I would not rest on your minority status as a Korean, however. That sort of discrimination is not holding water like it did under Admiral Fowler. Discrimination based on ethnicity is not a good thing, even if it's to benefit a minority. USNA does have a diverse...
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    Laptops @ USNA

    My son was told by the USNA candidate advisor that he could show up in his underwear and USNA would provide everything else. Funny how certain memories stick. Bring a cCell phone, if you have one.
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    Still have fun?

    My son won a Flip video camera when he took first place in a dance competition during a basketball game. He did Thriller. That sounds like fun to me! There are many fun moments enjoyed by mids. It is often said, "We work hard, and we play hard!"
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    Religiosity at the Academies

    There are numerous groups at USNA that support mids faith. My son is in the BCM, and serves on the worship team. They meet midweek. This weekend he is on a ski trip retreat with them. When they go on retreats they do not get "charged" an overnight. USNA considers this time to be character...
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    Finish the year at a university if appointed?

    Finish the year, IMHO. You can be working on you Master's degree dying your last year at USNA, and maybe even be nearly 1/2 done...or even more! You will likely validate out of several courses. I would seek advisement from USNA re coursework, and perhaps try to change your final quarter, to...
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    College applicant help!

    Good luck with that! I hope you can bring that Chemistry grade up to a B, preferably an A! That will be MORE than redemptive for you. USNA likes overcomes, maybe even more than overachievers. I wouldn't be so sure you are "guaranteed" a spot. You have some fixing to do. Get some tutoring...
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    Senior Class Schedule

    Skip psychology! Physics, for sure.
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    Improving My Chances

    2012Cadet, You might consider showcasing your Venturing participation and assume leadership within the organization. Venturing is a co-ed branch of the Boy Scouts. BSA is a highly esteemed organization amongst all service academies. Cut yourself some slack. USNA is looking for candidates...
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    USNA $ value?

    Most of those in our town, including teachers and students, don't really understand the process of receiving a service academy appointment. Almost all of the students thought my son was joining the Navy. The fact is, he WAS joining the Navy! He just took the slow route to the fleet. Feel...
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    military or not?

    I applaud your lofty goal of becoming a physician and wish you well in following your dream. However, military academies are intended to prepare young men and women to serve in the military, according to their defense needs. If becoming a physician is the only career that will be acceptable to...
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    How am I looking for the class of 2015 and what I need help with?

    2012mom, I couldn't agree with you more about having the prospective candidate do the correspondence. That's all part of demonstrating leadership. You are being evaluated during the phone calls, so consider them a casual interview slice. Don't say, "Yeah" for "Yes". Mommies and daddies need...
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    USNA printed catalog or just online??

    You get them from USNA. They're beautiful.
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    ACT scores

    I won't argue the point. Perhaps the USNA admissions representative is wrong! Call him and ask for yourself. If you scored a 20 on the Science portion, do you think the selection board would not notice? All the scores are sent. Your file may only get one review. Don't take anybody's...
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    ACT scores

    USNA does look at the science scores, but not the composite. Chemistry is the killer course at the academy for most mids.