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    What do I need to be good?

    Your math scores on your ACT and SAT are pretty good. You should try to take them both again if possible and raise your Reading score. I would say you want at least a 600 for the reading score on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT.
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    The CFA is a pass/fail thing. Your scores are definitely passing, so I wouldn't worry about it. However, if you do get accepted, you need to bump the scores a little. Your goals should be: Be able to run at least 3 miles comfortably Run a mile and a half in 9 minutes 101 Sit-Ups 101...
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    Things must have changed since you've been here because all of the Plebes I've seen with drags have been walking, not chopping. They still have to stay in the center of the p-way and square corners, but having a drag is basically like getting younster privileges. Most plebes (in my company at...
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    It might be crazy to ask...

    I was just wondering... if one would like to stay at the Academy over Thanksgiving or Spring Break, is that possible? I can't imagine it's common if it is possible, but it was something I was wondering about.
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    Getting ready for PT -- USNA or ROTC

    It wouldn't hurt. I'm not going to be training in combat boots... but you can probably do whatever you think needs to be done in order to prepare.
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    New York Senator nominations

    MB530- The same thing that happened to your son happened to me, too. It's really only necessary to have ONE nomination. NY is a relatively competitive state and since the Senators and Representatives are only allowed to nominate a certain number of candidates, it is like taking someone else's...
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    Sending Letters Home

    I guess that kind of stinks to only get to make 2 calls home during the (what is it 7-week?) summer. Especially if your parents are divorced. Maybe I could get them to agree to not bite eachothers heads off for 10 minutes and I could 3-way call. Just trying to think how I could make that...
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    Bancroft Hall

    Wow. That's a great hint. I'm not usually one to sit around and talk on my phone but I do like to have a nice chat with my Grandmother about once a week because she's old and even though she has 10 grand children, I'm the only one who ever calls her so I would still like to be able to talk to...
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    Bancroft Hall

    I don't know if you ever have a free 20 minutes during the day, but if you do, would you be allowed to take a walk outside and talk to your parents on your cell phone during the Academic year if you don't get service in your room?
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    Physical requirments/Swimming

    Ouch. Haha. Maybe the guy could throw his buddy over his shoulder and run for the both of them if his buddy is slow. Like Forest Gump.
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    I didn't even think that parents writing an essay would be a violation. It just never occured to me. See, in my friend's case, it wasn't her idea initially to go to West Point. Her parents kind of "made her see the light" and then she all of a sudden wanted to go to USMA.
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    Bancroft Hall

    To be honest with you Kamikazi, I didn't even know we were allowed to bring cell phones with us. Haha.
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    quick question

    I had heard that there are a lot more students this year applying to colleges and that it's going to be very competitive to get an appointment. Receiving an appointment (or getting into a college anywhere) should be a pretty big thing this year, then, since it is more competitive. At least...
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    Sorry LITS. I was just trying to make the point that if someone was my enemy, I wouldn't be worried about whether he was in the Coast Guard or the Army. I'd just be thinking in my head "He's the enemy and that's that." Basically what I was saying is that I'm not insulted by a mix-up with a...
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    Bancroft Hall

    Are roommates assigned to each other or are they allowed to choose? Do mids on the same sports teams room together usually? Do they keep the same room mate all 4 years at the Academy? Sorry. I was just wondering about these things and I haven't seen anything being discussed about it.