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    Your Son/Daughter is Going Where?? Round 2

    I don’t think anyone should look at the service academies as “free” and “paid by the taxpayers.” The cadets/mids must pay back their tuition with service time. That hardly seems free to me (except from the parents’ standpoint). FWIW, I have never had one of these types of conversations...
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    Your Son/Daughter is Going Where?? Round 2

    I also like how Chick Fila trains their staff: When a customer thanks them, they respond with, “My pleasure.”
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    Scholarship for NROTC marine option- what are my chances?

    I only have limited experience with NROTC-MO scholarship process, but I think it is false advice if the recruiter tells your son that he has a good chance of getting the scholarship. I think certain candidates have a chance, but I don’t think anyone has a “good” chance. NROTC-MO scholarships are...
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    MOC Competitive Slate - when does the music stop to see who gets a chair?

    I agree with the comments above— You need to work on alternate plans and find other things to keep you busy since you probably won’t hear the outcome until sometime around February to May. Don’t check you portal every five minutes. 😉 My son got the news in mid-April!
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    Information on Outprocessing

    I know of a USMA plebe who outprocessed at the beginning of summer, and it took him about 2-3 weeks. I don’t have any personal experience with the process, but I have heard that part of the reason it takes so long is to make sure the cadet is making the right decision. They don’t want cadets to...
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    lack of leadership

    Leadership— Team captain would be great if that works out for you. Do whatever you can for the teams you are part of to invest in them and be considered as a team captain. However, that process is largely out of your control. Class president and other offices are often a popularity contest...
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    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    I don’t think this one belongs in the Dad Jokes Thread because it is actually really funny.
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    Nomination Hell Week

    The same happened for my son a couple years ago— One of his recommendations came in at just the last minute, barely in time to submit all his congressional applications. He had requested his recommendations to be submitted weeks before they were due, but one person just didn’t get it done. It...
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    Will high school class rank and standardized tests make up for lacking sports participation?

    I have known some people who think their amazing leadership position or their excellent academic record will be able to overcome a lack of sports participation/athletics. I think this was the type of question that the OP initially had. The general answer for that is no. You may be able to...
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    Keep in mind that running a mile at the end of the CFA (when you are somewhat tired due to the other events) is completely different than just running a mile for time independently. If you can practice the entire CFA within the time constraints, it would be very helpful for improving your score.
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    Will high school class rank and standardized tests make up for lacking sports participation?

    I know of one student in a local high school who was applying to a service academy and ROTC. He had a stellar resume in all categories, but he quit his high school sports team about sophomore year because he was too busy with leadership positions and other work. He did fine on the CFA, but...
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    Questions for interviewer?

    Always have questions prepared ahead of time. Of course you have questions because you don’t know everything there is to know about military service. Here is an opportunity to talk one-on-one with a person who has worked in the service you are aspiring to join. Don’t turn down an opportunity...
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    Struggling To Pick Academy Preference for Nomination

    I understand your situation. I have known two students who were in the same type of district and with the same dilemma as you. They both wanted to go to USNA as their first choice, but they also were interested in a second academy. Their highest priority was to serve their country, and they...
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    Nrotc/Marine scholarship

    Don’t enlist!
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    competitive nomination district?

    Your MOC’s office may publish the number of applications they received by academy, and that will give you an idea about how competitive your district is. The most competitive districts sometimes limit their applicants to apply for only one academy nomination, so that would give you a clue...