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    Old Goats Club

    Donations are being accepted through Venmo. I had to learn something new today to be able to donate!
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    Old Goats Club

    If you have Instagram, or are so inclined to start an account, follow @oldgoatclub and @forever_firstie to witness what's happening. 😍
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    Old Goats Club

    From a Plebe Momma, it's amazing to see what's happening with the "Old Goats" alumni and the "Baby Goats" Mids! I've seen some that have raised over $15k to help support the Mids with a little cheer this weekend and they're coordinating with vendors in DTA. Others are sending care packages to...
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    Decision Date

    Echoing all above - all states/districts are different. For our flyover state, DS had his interview December 5 last year and had his nomination certificate in the mail the day after Christmas. Like everything else, "last year" is an important distinction - as we all know, 2020 is a different...
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    Your Favorite Cookbook and Why

    Gilligan's Island Cookbook! Seriously, it's a thing.
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    Service Selection for Class of 2021 is tomorrow!

    I was part of the Parent Club Officer Conference earlier this month. We had several meetings on different topics, and one was Service Assignment (they emphasized it's not really Service Selection). The speaker mentioned that for whatever reason, there were a record number of Firsties that had...
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    LOA on USNA Portal?

    Last year the LOA showed up on the portal for my DS. I don't believe the term LOA was actually used. I would need to ask him to be completely sure, but it stated something akin to the fact that as long as he met the conditions outlined below, he would receive an appointment. Then the two...
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    Excellent advice from @Capt MJ as usual! Also note that we're in a new normal now. The Class of 2024 were issued items at different times than previous years due to the way Plebe Summer had to be rearranged for the quarantine period, etc. Who knows what will happen for the Class of 2025 and...
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    postal issues

    Be careful and check for the specific state, though - for example, in my state, the absentee ballot has to be received by election day, not postmarked.
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    Care Packages to USNA

    I'm not sure what Plebes sleep in - never thought to ask mine - but Plebes are not allowed civilian clothes unless they're on leave (not liberty). I am fairly certain they're issued shower-type shoes (slides), so no need for flip flops. They're also issued a blanket, but I have seen on the...
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    Thanksgiving weekend - what plebes do?

    Lucky! We're 872 miles to Gate 1 - but the drive this time of year was absolutely beautiful!
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    Thanksgiving weekend - what plebes do?

    We had breakfast with our Plebe Monday at a Double T outside under a tent in the pouring rain (they weren't allowed to eat indoors)... and I wouldn't trade it for anything! ❤ that place!!
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    Nomination question

    Ma'am - @CarlosBoozer, be careful in communications not to make assumptions. Best of luck to you!
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    The President and First Lady test positive for Covid-19

    I have never been so disappointed as when Tom Cruise cast himself as Jack Reacher....
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    Poorly Written Letter of Rec

    I feel your frustration - my DS had one letter of recommendation that was shared with him after it was sent. I can't remember if this was for his nomination applications or for his admissions application. As he was reading it, he noticed that it mentioned extracurricular activities and a...