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    VMI Regular Decision

    Highly recommend. The overnight was what removed any kind of apprehension about VMI.
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    "Under Waiver Review" Timeframe

    I'm in the same boat, kinda. I'm a USN College Program Advanced Standing MIDN, and am waiting for a waiver. My paperwork was submitted at the end of October. Should I be concerned?
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    Waiver Timeframe?

    Has anyone heard anything from DoDMERB/waiver authorities? Normally my unit swears in Mids every week as they receive waivers, but it's been a month and neither myself nor any of my fellow Mids have heard anything. We're all in the same boat, waiting for waivers. Any insight would be appreiated!
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    VMI as a female

    What kind of advice are you looking for?
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    Daughter to VMI?

    Speaking to the Title IX side, things are not swept under the rug. Any cases brought forth are handled with speed and discretion, a feat given how small and tightly connected the Corps of Cadets is. As a rat, she won't have any if at all interaction with W&L Students. Rats are only allowed...
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    Current NROTC Midshipman - Ask away!

    You don't get the book stipend, only the monthly subsistence allowance and the Uniform Commutation Allowance.
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    NROTC National Scholarship awarded to VMI

    VMI Comptroller's Office: Phone: 540-464-7217
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    What 'back up' colleges did you apply to before choosing USNA?

    I applied to VMI, NC State University, and Norwich University Corps of Cadets. I am currently a Cadet at VMI and a Midshipman in their NROTC Batallion of Midshipmen. I think everything worked out for the better, don't discount the Senior Military Colleges. I know I did, initially.
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    Exams not received

    So I think I found an appropriate thread for this, BUT... My DoDMETS profile reads as complete, however, my DoDMERB profile says that my Initial Medical Exam has not arrived... the exams were finished and submitted to DoDMETS 10/14. Where is the threshold for contacting someone? Do I contact...
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    Uniform Alternatives

    So, I've grown sick of polishing my shoes for my squad leader to bone me for some trivial infraction... what are some good alternatives to Bates corframs that won't break the bank?? Can't afford the $140 asking price for those...
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    DQ/waiver due to childhood kidney issues?

    I would expect to have to go to through the waiver process. If you haven't already, collect the post-op records and the doctors clean bill of health to be sent in. The important thing here is that the your daughter has been active and not suffered any setbacks, I would expect a waiver.
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    What to Expect

    I was offered advanced standing, and then they (the administrators in my unit) started arranging my physicals and looking at my federal background check and other things I may not yet be aware of. So I'll be into the semester a fair bit before I actually sign my paperwork and begin my obligation...
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    Swearing In

    So, kind of a dumb question, but I'm swearing into my unit on a two-year Navy Advanced Standing contract and I was wondering, how many parents attend their college Junior's swearing-in to the Midshipman Battallion? Is it weird if my parents come?
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    Ask Me Anything: Rat at Virginia Military Institute

    I am on a NROTC 2-year Advanced Standing contract. I wish I could help, but I am on my parent's G.I. Bill. I know VMI can help with Financial Aid, the office number is 540-464-7208.