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West Point Class of 2018

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Jan 12, 2015
    1. tug_boat
      Good luck and have fun on R-Day.

    2. Rockets153
      Doing well. Just the Certificate of Authorization, Direct Deposit, and the Initial Deposit.
      Fidelity made the first check out to Treasurer's Office instead of USMA. New check in the mail Monday 4/7.
      Found the Certificate of Authorization and sent that Tues 4/8, along with a new Direct Deposit form. Luke never gave me the correct forms, so I was winging it. Thanks for asking. Only from the Facebook Parents USMA 2018 did I learn of where the correct forms were. Signed up for Facebook on 3/31. I do not access Luke's portal. I hope the process is going well for you and Collin. I can understand about leaving MMI immediately. We are flying in that morning and flying out Thursday morning. My older son graduates UMass Amherst on that Friday. It will be a busy yet memorable week. Take Care, Alan
    3. WienerDog
      Hello Alan,
      These are extremely exciting times and I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Unfortunately, we must leave immediately after convocation and get back on the road. I have to work. Besides, Collin is also in a bit of a hurry to get on the road as well. I look forward to seeing you there. By the way, how's your progress on Luke's portal?
    4. Rockets153
      We have made dinner reservations after the SAP Convocation at 6:30p at Tally Ho in Selma for the Wed. May 7th. Swamp Fox is not open that evening. We are staying at the Sleep Inn in Marion.
      I did not know what your family plans are. These are exciting times for our Dear Sons.
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