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    Sea Trials Underway!

    I haven't been on this forum since March of last year! Now that DS has finished Sea Trials and I'm reading all these comments. It's funny, I'm trying to figure out who you are by your " handles"! Coach Karl, you're SO nailed!
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Not really sure but I asked the Dr to specifically fill out the yellow card. Can't imagine that the attachment won't suffice though.
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    Anyone else still pending?

    Attented Appointee Luncheon with our DS for those nominated by Sen Isakson yesterday in Atlanta. He did say in his opening remarks that it had been a well represented year for GA for all the academies and that they " weren't done yet?"... He mentioned numbers of appointments including prep and...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Murf, I think MomNewToThis's DD with the appointment is from GA. I remembered seeing her respond on Feb.2 to a thread titled "Looking for appointees from GA" posted by GeorgiaMidMom on Feb.1st. She never said what district. Of course at the time I was laser focused on any news from GA since that...
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    One Parent's Perspective

    I'd also like to thank you Superior rocks... Those words were EXACTLY what I needed to hear today ( I love it when this forum works the way it is supposed to... Positive support)
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    No! How do I do that? Can you direct me?
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Murf, Please change my DS's appointment status to accepted⚓️... He took his time to think on it, but that's just the way his brain works. Time to get the paperwork rolling and can't wait for I-Day!
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    I am so disappointed for you and your son '88... And at the same time shocked as well. But I believe things happen for a reason and just the fact that he had earned the NROTC 4yr is huge. One of my son's best friends is going to Auburn next year. Actually he has several friends going. It's a...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Does the " bubble wrap" situation also apply to 4 year NROTC scholarships? Trying to decide which plan B school to put a deposit down on? Hate to mislead the 1st choice scholarship school as the CO there has really been actively pursuing DS...even going so far as to admit they had turned down...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    It's weird how the information we all get is so inconsistent!? We were told the same thing except it was that the Senators and Congressman coordinated and that the Senators would not double dominate but that you could get double nominated by one Sen and your Comgressman. And when my DS got his...
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    No 7-Semester Transcript?

    Admissions asked for 7th Semester grades late Dec, early Jan. DS had a 4.0 so we wondered why. Then we realized that they were probably looking for Calculus and probably wondering about some other AP's and he had taken 4 AP's and Calculus 7th semester. He did get all A's. He then got his...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    Good luck to you! I'm pretty sure my DS's appointment is being charged to Congressman Loudermilk and not Sen Isakson but I'm not totally sure about that. I think they even start shifting where an appt gets charged right down to the end. But if you haven't gotten a TWE and you haven't heard of...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    I have seen two on this thread from GA-08( not sure where that is), and one other( Usna engineer?) not sure what district. I do know of another appt here in metro ATL but he's not on the forum. I am curious though , USNA 2020GA , about the " both Senators nom"... Congrats by the way on your...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    USNA2020GA what district are you? My DS has appt from District 11 ( Loudermilk) and Sen Isakson nom.
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    In honor of those still waiting...

    And best of luck to you as well Class2020Dad☘!! I've been following your story since I have been on this board and it's obvious how much you and DS really want this. But it also sounds like your backups are incredible so either way you should be SO proud! Really hoping me and my DS see ya'll at...