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    Hello, stinkbug, I suggest that your daughter does not make the decision to leave until after she finishes some or all of her yuk year. Being a plebe shows what being at the bottom of the pile is like, which isn't the best place to be. Once your cadet becomes a yuk, he/she will be allowed...
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    Going it alone to R Day

    My daughter is Class of 2011 and she chose to use the flight/hotel package. She expressed to me later that it had been a good decision. It allowed her to meet and socialize with other candidate cadets who were all facing the same experience the next day. Plus, the extra day of separation from...
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    Video of CFT 2008 - 8th Company

    More 2008 CFT Videos Not exactly training....but enjoy!!! The Comm at the 2008 Illumination dance. Getting a date for Camp Illumination.
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    Video of CFT 2008 - 8th Company

    This is a great overview of some of the things that our rising yuks did this summer at Camp Buckner. The tank training was conducted at Fort Knox, KY. Go Army!!! Beat Navy!!!
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    West Point Campus Visit

    I highly recommend the overnight orientation if possible. My daughter did the overnight orientation and was able to sit in on (and was "invited" to participate in) all but one of her plebe's classes, go to the gym to workout, be in the mess hall for 4 meals, and be rousted at 5 am for a...
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    How good are my chances?

    Word of caution: Do NOT let it be none to anyone who you are and what you posted on this forum. If you do get an appointment and it does become known to the Cadre that you have boasted about having connections (whether you used them or not to get in), they WILL provide you with more...
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    Uncooperative School

    I have learned a wonderful technique to use in any situation in which you feel that you are being "stonewalled." Be "Pleasantly Persistent" Pack up a tote/bookbag with reading material or anything else that will keep you busy for awhile. Arrive wearing a smile. Ask for whatever you are...
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    Hi, chosen57, 2012cadet is correct. The CFT is not given during the DoDMERB exam. The DoDMERB is strictly a medical exam. My daughter was also given a hearing test at the same time. I believe (but am not 100% sure) that the DoDMERB exam is given to all SA candidates, but each academy...
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    I love Marines...see this picture

    What I great picture to see to start my day!!!
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    Letters of Assurance are sent to those candidates that West Point will offer an appointment to based on the information (gpa, ec's, test scores, etc.) that has already been turned in, but the file is not yet complete. LOA's are not given out on any particular time schedule. My daughter...
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    Do I have a chance?

    The key to bringing your ACT/SAT scores up is practice, practice, practice. Especially with the math. Math is all about working the problem until you have it down cold. I am not good at math. When I started college after being out of high school for 30 years I was petrified of the math...
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    General Takes Swipe at McCain

    usa321 - Here, here! I've been reading this thread for days, and you've just written beautifully what I've been thinking for days.
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    CFT at Camp Buckner

    This article was written last year, but should give a good idea of some of what the rising yuks will be doing this summer. CFT (Cadet Field Training) started this past Saturday and will last 4 weeks. Go Army!!! Beat Navy!!!
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    Am i totally discouraging myself?

    You said, "I didn’t get in to the academy last yr for the class of 2012." Then you say you're an IB diploma candidate. I'm a little confused. Have you already graduated? Are you going to be starting your freshman year in college at AZ State? If that's the case, then reinforcing your...
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    cash to bring

    In last year's "Information for New Cadets and Parents" it was listed under "DO NOT BRING" (on page 8, might be different in this year's edition): h. A large amount of money (exceeding $100). Your cadet candidate will need some money while traveling to WP for R-Day and to shop at the...