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  • Thanks for the good wishes! And I hope the best for you and your DS at USAFA. It's been quite a journey up to this point. My DS is in 25th Company, which is the one with the "reputation" at USNA. The rep is that they strive to always be the "color company," so the detailers are very demanding. DS said that he believes he'll fit in great since that is where he'd want to be anyway, striving to be the best, even if it means going through a little more "stress" during the "Plebe Summer." My goodness! Only 8 days to go, seems like the time has FLOWN by (you'll have to excuse the blatant reference to USAF, my blood still runs AF blue but I'll get over it).
    Crossfit is like cross training. We do lots of weight lifting and strengthening exercises. Its pretty cool because you have trainers that watch you and teach you how to do the exercises but its not nearly as expensive as a trainer! =D
    I am doing well. How about you? Its already April! I can hardly believe it. My doctor said for me to rest my body for awhile. I have been overworking it. But I am continuing to do track and Crossfit. Have you heard of Crossfit?
    Doolies can get passes, but travel is on your dime. A lot depends on the strictness of the DS's squad. If DS or DS's roomate(s) is struggling physically, militarily, or academically passes might be denied as well. If he is able to, the football team is looking for managers. He might hitch a ride with the team. Bottom line is there are too many conditions and considerations to give you an answer at this time. Your doolie should be able to find out shortly after A-Day. I hope it works out.

    PS I find your dog adorable.
    Hi Yorkiemom! I love your new bible verse on your profile..."To whom much is given, much will be required." Luke 12:48 What a good reminder!
    Just thought of something. Your DS will be required to wear his uniform whenever he is in public during Parents Weekend. If you are out in the mountains, be sure to bring a change of clothes (or 2) for him to wear.
    Thanks- did your DS get the call from a MOC? I believe if he was charged to his pres he may not have received a call. Either case if seems like there are still very few presidential appointments posted. Makes me wonder..no mail again today so the dream lives on!
    Wow, thanks for the article! I found it very interesting and inspiring. It would be nice to meet General Janet Wolfenbarger. It is also encouraging to hear that there are "4 female lieutenant generals, there are 12 major generals and 11 brigadier generals!!"
    Yes, we do have approximately 65 animals, give or take...horses, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, ducks and a pot belly pig. We have a small horse stables business. However, this really ties us down and our whole family hasn't been on a vacation in years. I'm sure this is one of the reasons DS wants to fly the coop, quite literally. :wink:
    Wow!! Congrats to your son! What a great relief and surprise to your son! Ill be praying for no injuries and a fun rest of his senior year!
    Thank You! I will definitely keep in touch! I am very excited with my decision. I think the Navy is the best choice for me, so many options. I visited the campus in January and loved it. So I said to myself...heck, I'm going to accept! Best of luck to your son! Excited to hear if what he hears back from USAFA!!
    Music and movies are not allowed until Recognition. They are allowed their own monitor and printer. Each squadron has a printer, but you can imagine 30 C4Cs sharing a printer is not pretty. USAFA does issue a laptop, but some cadets like having an auxillary monitor to use with their laptop. They can see both a source and the grading criteria while they write their papers. Again, they don't really "need" them (printer and monitor) but it makes life a little easier for them. In fact, when we made arrangements for PW we purchased the monitor and printer online from Best Buy and picked them up in Colorado Springs. It turns out the Best Buy store had plenty of monitors on sale and in stock that week. Your cadet (doesn't that sound exciting!) will be able to tell you what his squadron allows. Congrats to your DS (and you).
    First of all, are you arriving on Thursday or Friday? If arriving Thursday, it is possible to visit with your son at the chapel area. He can't leave, but you can make plans on where to meet Friday morning. Friday is a big day in the Springs. You shadow your cadet in the morning, attend a formation, have lunch in Mitch's and can leave after his afternoon classes. You can then leave until the football game on Saturday (your son will have to report at 9:30 ish) and he can leave after the game. He is then yours until 7PM Monday. The only issue is driving down I-25 from Denver Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am sure that your son would appreciate getting out of sight of the Springs for a few days. Sounds like a great plan. Some cadets want to sleep and lounge on PW. Ours wanted to see a movie and shop. We helped him purchase a larger monitor and a printer for his computer (drove him to Best Buy). It was an awesome experience.
    Thanks for your kind words, mom2015hopeful! God bless you! I'm so happy that your daughter is doing well.
    Hi YorkieMom75... I have come back to visit this forum recently to check on the upcoming 2016 class... It is one year ago this week that my daughter got the wonderful news of her appointment. This has been her dream since 6th grade. She actually was asked to retake her CFA due to her lack of a pull-up and low arm hang score. It was quite an obstacle. So for the whole month of Dec-Jan 2011 we had her work with a trainer..anyway she ended up significantly increasing her hang time. It was so difficult waiting and wondering if she would be offered an appointment. I know how you feel....waiting...just wanting to know something. She has done amazingly well academically, physically, and militarily.. I could not be more proud. Sorry for going on and on... :) We are from Georgia..by the way. Thank you for the message...I will be coming back to the forum to check on you...my best to you and your family. I will be glad to offer any tips when the time comes :)
    This site and USAFAcommunity are separate, but there are a few people who are members of both. USAFAcommunity is, obviously, more specific to USAFA than this site. Both are for anyone interested. By posts, it seems that this site has a lot more candidates and USAFAcommunity gets more parents, but that is just a coincidence, rather than any planning/rules.
    My old avatar was my son and I when he was 10. The new one is from parents Weekend 2011. I hope to met you at parents Weekend 2012. Best wishes for a BFE.
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