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    List of all US Generals, past and present

    @Jarhead713 If you PM me his name I can look him up in the WP Register of Graduates. For each graduate it lists each career step while in the service and the rank at which they retired out.
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    Who should sing the Alma Mater?

    An interesting discussion. I lived at West Point for years and years, attending countless football games. Though my degree is from somewhere else, I will always sing West Point's Alma Mater when it is played out of respect for the institution, all of its graduates, and all that it has meant to me.
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    Appointment acccepted then turned down

    Would love to see proof of that last bit. It's tossed around on this board a lot, but I have never seen it come to fruition, here, or anywhere.
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    RAND Study Accuracy?

    Sure....go ahead and figure out your exact WCS based on a 20-year old study. What does that get you? Absolutely nothing when you have no idea where your competitors for that year group are on the scale. It's an interesting exercise, but rather pointless. Rather, spend the time studying so that...
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    Army BOLC dates for 2019?

    Yes, that is still correct.
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    JP-5 Converters Overhead - AKA Blue Angels

    Back in my day it was a yellow school bus parked dead center on the bridge!
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    Service Academy Admissions Error...advice please?

    Not much constructive feedback or advisement can take place with such a cryptic post. Are you saying that admissions 'messed up' somehow? If an academy is stating that they are not admitting her this year, then they are not admitting her this year. Not much that anyone on an anonymous chat board...
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    Options for One Way Reimbursable Travel to College from ROTC Program(s)

    For those new to the rodeo, it is worth noting that the reimbursement goes directly to the military member. And let your brand new military member figure this stuff out on their own. The first of many lessons!
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    NASS Closing Ceremony

    If you are not a camping family then you may want to borrow some super small, lightweight camp gear. A sleeping bag and pillow can take up a miniscule amount of space, and contribute almost no weight to your student's luggage. I hope your son enjoys the experience!
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    Bad Moderation

    The name of the LLC that runs this site is clearly listed at the bottom of the page. So are the T&Cs.
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    Navy forms typeset

    Welcome to the military! Enjoy your stay!
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    Thought on why?

    It is really difficult at times to explain to those not ‘in the know’ about taxpayer money vs. private money at the SAs and how they may intersect in different ways. If the academies only had access to taxpayer money, the places would not be near as pretty as they are! The Alumni Associations of...
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    2nd, 3rd, and Fourth Summers

    Ranger is for 'already in the army people'. It is months long, so would not work with a cadet's schedule anyway.
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    "Blue Chip" and "Recruited Athlete" technical meaning at USAFA.

    Something makes me doubt this statement….
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    529 Plans and SAs

    In addition to changing the beneficiary to a sibling, you can let it ride for grad school, or let it ride for a future grandchild.
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    Reading material for supporting your cadet

    Absolutely American The Long Gray Line
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    Stricter [medical] recruiting rules could save billions

    Aren't there mini-seminars on how to retire out with sleep apnea? Gets you 50% I believe.
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    All taken directly from each academy's Class of 2022 press release. These are the leading sentences, year after year. USAFA The 1,170 basic cadets make up the most diverse class ever admitted to the Academy, with roughly 34 percent self-identifying as a minority. --1,170 men and women were...
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    Massive cheating scheme for elite college admissions, via ACT testing and fake athletic recruiting

    You guys are so literal, at times it makes my head hurt. Ok, let’s throw in acTORS as well. Better? And have you ever worked with actors and actresses? I have, so I can speak from firsthand experience. And for what it’s worth, my entire household adores Mayim Bialik.