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    Norwich U acceptance offer.

    Norwich is very quick with rolling admissions. He was accepted in early September. Merit offer increased twice while he waited on AROTC scholarship results. My son's class (2020) had 18 nursing scholarships when they arrived in fall 2016. I don't know the number that will commission in May.
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    Minor Traffic Violation

    they won't care about the violation, and even less about any explanation.
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    Received DQ today. Are these codes "waiverable?"

    shoulder waivers are fairly common
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    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    Just wait until they have to go back after Christmas.
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    Received DQ Today. Are these codes "waiverable?"

    my son got a waiver for 255, shoulder. fairly common based on "successful" repair. they will want surgical records
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    25 EN were detailed 5 to AR 5 to FA 15 to IN
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    try this; or go to reddit, search rotc, select /ROTC, look for FY20 accessions release
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    First pick 57.4%, Top 3 89.4%
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    Happy AROTC branching day!

    News from Norwich. My son got FA, his first choice.
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    Posting of PFA Results by Cadet Command; Whole Person Score (AROTC)

    Chances are based on the pool of applicants, that we cannot see. The cut off is determined by the number of scholarships and how many people on the OML. It is relative. That is why people should submit early. The pool is smallest for the first board (fewest scholarships too). But if he is "good...
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    ROTC scholarship has yet to pay.....

    there is nothing YOU can do. If his CPR, Cadet Pay Request, has been filled out there is nothing more HE can do. No reason to think the Cadre are not telling the truth. But often fall semester does not get paid until the end of November. My son's school (SMC) has so many students on scholarship...
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    Waiverable shoulders?

    They will also want the surgical reports and discharge information from hospital (if inpatient)
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    Waiverable shoulders?

    my son got a waiver for a repaired labrum. It is a DQ but commonly waived
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    2019 Branching

    My son reports at his SMC this year 3 cadets below the cut off (that number is yet unknown) received the required PMS recommendation for active duty. Still unclear (to me) how many did not.
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    Fly fishing around West Point?

    there are year round catch and release sections of the Beaverkill, near Roscoe NY. The fly shops in Roscoe can provide up to date information, typically on their websites. Roscoe is not between Newark and West Point, but it is about an hour from WP and less than 2 from Newark
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    Call from the Citadel?

    yes. often they will have Cadets make those calls
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    Submitted 85 pages to DoDMERB in handwriting

    If it is likely, and you are otherwise qualified, they will initiate a waiver. If they do not, it is probably unlikely that those particular conditions receive waivers.
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    Component Released for 2020

    further poking around shows 13 Nov as the branch release date.
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    Component Released for 2020

    cutoff is the OML score below which you will not receive an active duty assignment (exception is SMC students with PMS recommendation) The cut off is determined by the number of active duty spots they need to fill. Reddit has the cut off at 35, my son was told 38. Last year it was around 33.
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    Component Released for 2020

    I hear the cut off was 38 this year. any word on branching date?