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    Congressional nomination received but really wants USCGA

    I think it is best to never read into the communications you receive from the service academies. My son got all kinds of communication from the USCGA during his first attempt to get in. We were surprised when he did not get in. On the second attempt it was crickets and he was accepted in...
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    Received DQ Today. Are these codes "waiverable?"

    A good lesson here. If a doctor has not diagnosed you allergic to something, then do not self report it based on a past incident. Most people are not medical professionals and are not qualified to diagnose themselves or their children. The reaction you had may have been something else that...
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    Bear day attire?

    Parents are not be evaluated, so wear what you would normally wear out in public.
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    What does it take to qualify for an LOA?

    A vast majority of those who received appointments did not get LOAs. As Malone says in the Untouchables, "Don't wait for it to happen. Don't even want it to happen. Just watch what does happen."
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    Who goes to the prep school?

    Recruited athletes, previously enlisted soldiers, under represented minorities
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    Graduate Education Opportunities

    USMA has no graduate level classes, so yes graduate level education right after graduation is limited to med school and outside scholarships like Rhodes and Hertz etc. There is an opportunity for fully funded graduate education after some time in the Army. The Army paid for my MS after 8 years...
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    Applying to West Point as a college freshman.

    The process is not all that different than for a high school senior. You still need to get a nomination, pass the medical physical, and do well on the fitness test. One difference difference is you will have to get recommendations from college professors, which depending on the size of the...
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    Poor GPA, but in extremely competitive and hard high school with a strenuous situation

    Two things. First of all the essays you write for academy admission are your opportunity to show how you reacted to difficult life situations. Writing about your father's death will be difficult, but the academy and nomination sources will be interested to know the ways and strategies you used...
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    Army Branches for Civilian Success

    They will not care. To most civilian admissions committees, the Army is the Army. They have no idea of what branches are and will assume you led soldiers who have different tasks to complete. An army officer tends to be a generalist. What that means is despite the fact you are in different...
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    Just sharing

    Your DS looks good, but one thing we can't really tell here is what the competition is like. You are never really competing against everybody, but instead a group that is formed based on where you live, your demographics, and other factors that we may not know. Your DS is a white male and...
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    Very good students?

    First of all, I am not going to try to talk you or your son into going to West Point. Your son needs to get as much information as possible and make a decision if offered. I will tell you this much that if your attitude is transferred down to him and he lets that get out to an admission...
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    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    Let me put it this way. I know persons who have received a similar letter who were not offered an appointment. You show promise, but you should not consider yourself ahead or behind anyone else.
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    A-Day Uniform

    A-Day is not a parent participation event. It is basically the graduation parade in reverse where instead of the graduating class marching out of the company, the incoming 4th class march in. After the parade they may have optional social events scheduled, but nothing formal that would require...
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    Public University Transfer into a Service Academy

    Honestly I would talk to an Army recruiter and see if you are a good candidate for a Warrant Officer. Warrant Officers are the primary pilots in the Army and do not have the same BS/BA degree requirements as commissioned officers. With those current grades, you are going to have a difficult...
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    Congressional nominations at USCGA

    I think the past benefit of the nomination process was to ensure nationwide representation. Currently, in more competitive districts it acts as an initial check to reduce the candidate pool. Since the nomination standards are set by the academies, it may make more sense to have the academies...
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    Second Chance

    Lots of candidates have lots of extra-curricular activities. The current ACT composite 25-75 percentile for USMA is 27-32. Unless you have something special that USMA does not have a lot of then you need to be at 32 or greater.
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    Second Chance

    What do you think is high enough? If you are a five star football recruit from an under-represented minority who set up and leads a club to help the homeless your ACT/SATs can be on the lower side of the USMA average. If you are a white male from an affluent part of the country with a varsity...
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    Second Chance

    Yes - everybody has to do rat year
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    Second Chance

    The rigors of the first year at any of the Senior Military Colleges (SME) like VMI can make applying to USMA very difficult. When reapplying you can only improve two things from the high school application and that is ACT/SAT and the physical fitness test. The former requires participating in...