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  1. Maplerock

    Gifts for the SA kid?

    You're right of course. My opinion is no better than anyone's. I should learn to keep some of them to myself. Thank you.
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    Gifts for the SA kid?

    No, I reconsidered and edited it. I know it's best to measure twice and cut once, but sometimes ai forget.
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    Gifts for the SA kid?

    Nice to hear from you again.
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    Gifts for the SA kid?

    Of course. This forum is chock full of experts. Some with incoming appointees and others with multiple graduates in the family. That's the rub of it, right? How to determine the validity of the advice given. Sadly, I fear the "warrior" label we have so proudly applied to newly minted...
  5. Maplerock

    Does USAFA look at the essay if you did bad in it?

    Doubt it. They probably just get your scores. I'd work on my grammar before submitting essays for nominations and applications.
  6. Maplerock

    LOA for recruited athlete...weird

    I hear it all the time. "My daughter plays high school basketball. The Air Force Academy offered her a full ride scholarship to play basketball" (of course she hasn't even applied yet) or "when I graduated high school I was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Annapolis" (again, this guy...
  7. Maplerock

    Need advice for DS's alcohol-related incident

    Glad it worked out. You sound like a very loving parent. Watch out though, because it's easy to be so infatuated with our kids that we overestimate their level of innocence. Most kids shelter their parents from the sordid details of their college experience. I get the idea that you think you...
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    Gifts for the SA kid?

    These kind of threads make me shake my head. Just Dad, you sound like a loving, caring father that just wants to do a little extra for his daughter. That's nice. But, it brings me back to how special the kids are today. How they need more pats on the back, more attention and immediate...
  9. Maplerock

    SLE— Dirty?

    That is appalling. Your daughter deserves better. I'd call and complain. Start here: Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Jr. Telephone: (845)938-4011
  10. Maplerock

    Pregnant before BCT?

    Of course the OP is a troll. The cream of the crop appointed to our academies do not have sexual urges, and if they do, they do pushups, run, or practice the basketball throw until the urges go away.
  11. Maplerock

    should I stop trying?

    From what you wrote there is absolutely no reason to believe you will buckle down and do what it takes. The academy is difficult. Very difficult. You can't phone in your effort, or take any on-line classes when things get tough. In fact, while you'd like to be a pilot, the academy is 99%...
  12. Maplerock

    USMA Advice Needed

    You never know. You might excel there. You might not. A valedictorian that works hard and gets a 2.8 in a college where he gets to plan his own course offerings might struggle in an academy where there are few choices. You'll be taking a strict regimen of classes that have challenged many...
  13. Maplerock

    Dismal BB throw during CFA at SLE

  14. Maplerock

    Dismal BB throw during CFA at SLE

    The basketball throw is a useless tool in determining either fitness or ability. The military isnt shy about change, so why not scrap this albatross and find another skill more commensurate with military success?
  15. Maplerock

    Just got my DS NASS CFA score and email from RC that he is highly competitive for LOA

    Those cfa scores while probably passable are not notable. You're rightfully proud of your son, but I'd caution about becoming too involved. Did he get the email, or you? The academies like independent, self sufficient kids. And, I believe that all applicants are in the beginning are under...
  16. Maplerock

    Are Women More Likely to Get an AFROTC Scholarship?

    I disagree. Boys grow up playing Army. Shoot em up. G.I. Joe's, etc. Boys tend to be in more contact type sports. That eventually makes for a bigger pool of male applicants than female. An outstanding female applicant is going to stand out. If you are a top notch female candidate you are...
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    Is this obsessive?

  18. Maplerock

    Aspergers misdiagnosis

    Of course no one here can say for certain whether your kid has Asbergers or any other condition. Your post gave me the impression that you have doubts as to whether he can function under pressure. Your comments indicate that he survived tests, and school. Not thrived. He also took the...
  19. Maplerock

    Are Women More Likely to Get an AFROTC Scholarship?

    Yes. Qualified women are coveted. More men will receive the award, but a higher percentage of women per female applicant will get the nod. IMO.
  20. Maplerock

    To precut or not to precut, that is the question.

    Enjoy the hair as long as possible. It will come off with no mercy on I-Day.