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    Wanting Army ROTC but only AF is available...

    Be very careful about JMCs (Junior Military Academies) like VFMA. They will tell you it’s a quicker way, but you still can’t be what I would call a fully vetted officer until you earn your four year degree, so that commission you earn at a JMC has some strings, and is not really the quicker path...
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    Quick Question

    You can continue to edit your application and tweak it up until the day the board meets. You can even edit it after the board meets, but once the board meets, unless there are some extenuating circumstances it won’t get relooked at. Your activities and sports boxes can be updated and that may...
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    AROTC - Board Ready question

    If you wanted to hold off for the second board you should have held your PFA score or your interview. Now that everything is in and you are board ready you will be looked at by the next board. If you retake your SAT or ACT make sure you update those scores. Although the increased scores won’t...
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    Internship and Camp Dates

    You should ask your Cadre how they handle summer slotting. Here at Clarkson we would try to work around any internships or training if possible. Another option would be to not go to camp until the following summer and be an end of camp commissionee if that internship is that critical.
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    Scholarship Extension OP didn’t say he was studying engineering, so I’m not sure we are answering his question...Why do you need an extension? The Army usually doesn’t extend a scholarship unless there is a need, and the it is known ahead of time that you are in a program that requires additional semesters...
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    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    You do realize this is an Army test, and the other branches aren’t involved in this change...? Cadets...If you read your contract you will see a paragraph near the end that talks about changes to standards. The Army ROTC contract stipulates that you understand you will meet whatever the current...
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    Made the Ranger Challenge Team as a Freshman

    Not sure why you are asking random strangers what the Ranger Challenge experience will be like at your particular school. There are 8 Brigades who each conduct their competition a little differently, and each of the 270+ schools all train in their own way. The one piece of advice that does...
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    Obviously our cadets get hurt from time to time. If the injury is fairly minor and doesn’t cause the Cadet to miss significant training and he/she is subsequently cleared then it’s just a blip on the radar. If the injury requires surgery or extended treatment and is something that could...
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    OML GPA Calculation for "Transfer Credits" from Study Abroad Program

    We are knee deep in the accessions process, and my HRA has been hounding all the seniors for their transcripts from other schools. Glad to help
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    Army ROTC Medical Questions

    First off, you don’t enlist for active duty if you want to SMP. SMP is for Guard/Reserve soldiers. EE is indeed a disqualifier. In about 4 months I expect to know whether that condition is waiverable.
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    contracted freshman flunked out

    If he is disenrolled and subsequently re-enrolls in Army ROTC he will be required to pay back any previous benefits he received before he will be eligible to return. So, he either walks and doesn’t pay a dime until he returns, or he pays for this semester and tries to get back on track if he...
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    New 68W NG interested in Guard ROTC & Medical School

    She needs to talk to a ROO at an Army ROTC school ASAP. Sounds like she got half the story from the guard recruiter. Who told you that she can take ROTC courses at Community College? Does she plan to stay in the Guard while at medical school? If she waits until Junior year to enroll in ROTC...
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    OML GPA Calculation for "Transfer Credits" from Study Abroad Program

    Nope...this is a HRA/Battalion issue. Accessions GPA should use all earned grades to calculate GPA. My HRA takes all of a Cadets transcripts and uses his GPA calculator to generate an adjusted GPA for Accessions. Not sure how they do things at the Citadel, but that’s what we do here at...
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    Basic Camp Qu?

    A few years ago the Commanding General of Cadet Command was making noise about wanting every Cadet to have a “Basic Training” experience. You may be looking at some old posts or debates or rumors. Basic Camp is currently designed to allow Cadet who come to the program late to get credit for...
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    Job Within MOS After Commissioning

    As an officer you won’t always be doing what you think you will be doing. It will also be up to you to “politic” for your next job. You will always be angling for the next level of responsibility. Let’s use infantry for an example. As a young lieutenant you will want to lead a platoon. If...
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    Swearing In

    First oath is the oath of enlistment, when a Cadet contracts they are enlisting into the Reserve Control Group. When they commission they take a different oath. As previous posters have said it depends on the unit, and in most units parents are encouraged to attend the “ceremonies”. I like to...
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    AROTC scholarship & pending medical waiver

    Don’t assume the waiver will be approved...have a plan for if it doesn’t. I have seen plenty of applicants wait 6+ months for a decision, and the decision is not always positive. Make sure you know who at the school you will talk to if you suddenly have to pay for the current semester...
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    Deadlines for scholarship application

    The info is also right on the log in page of the app.
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    AROTC letter of recommendation

    I find a resume helpful, but I recommend whatever he puts on that resume also gets added to one of the additional information blocks on the app. That way if the board doesn’t open the resume they still have the info readily available in the application file.
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    JROTC scholarship subcategory?

    Haven’t checked the board in about a month...getting a little crazy!