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  1. Love4monsters

    Nomination Notification- Letter vs Call

    It came as a magical unicorn mid December with zero notification stuffed in our mailbox.
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    Rhodes Scholars

    Not nearly as relevant and I am a football loving mama but OK. Navy is looking good this year.
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    Rhodes Scholars

    The Rhodes Scholar was established in 1902. AFA 65 years since 1954 - 41 scholars USNA 117 years since 1902 - 48 scholars USMA 117 years since 1902 - 94 scholars I can absolutely say GO ARMY!
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    Rhodes Scholars

    Before the topic of football which is near and dear to my heart overtakes the board, let us all celebrate the newest USMA Rhodes Scholar - Daine Van de Wall. Just for people keeping track of data: USMA 94 scholars USNA 48 scholars USAFA 41 scholars Go Army! [emoji169]🖤
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    Nomination Notification- Letter vs Call

    My boys both received their congressional nominations with a letter then a ceremony for the actually nomination certificate. Down who received a senatorial nomination received his with no notification in the mailbox. It was completely unexpected and just amazing. One son received his BFE in the...
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    Thin White Envelope

    Hoping your daughter has a good weekend. It’s so tough when adversity happens but it’s you handle it - mistake or not. Contact the RC and hopefully figure it out. Her stats are amazing. Whether or not it’s the end of the road for USMA, it’s a door opening somewhere else.
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    Class profile across several years

    Agreed as a mom of 2 - 99 percenters on the ACT without LOA's. This is the site I was speaking of with the data.
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    Class profile across several years

    I would love the see all of the academies give information as to how they compile data. Is it anyone who registers? Is it completion to some point? Does it include summer programs? The upward trend of USMA is in stark contrast to the data presented by a college site which said the average was...
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    Overnight at USMA

    Son took a sleeping bag and don’t forget the towel!
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    I just received an LOA today!!!!

    The goal is an appointment and a successful career in the Navy. I stressed and stressed when my middle sons were applying to academies as they were the whole package in regard to leadership, sports and academics. Both turned down the opportunity to play D1 sports for the ability to double major...
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    The LOE authorizes an overnight visit which is beneficial. It’s not meaningless. Son received countless texts and emails after completing his app for USNA encouraging him to complete his app which were meaningless since it was already complete. He also received emails from USNA before and...
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    “USMA requested waiver” processing time

    2021 son's waiver was requested in mid September and granted by USMA mid October and USNA mid January along with a color vision waiver. Typical waiting period for his waiver is at least 6 months.
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    Admissions office called

    My son got a phone call last year the first week of September then an email stating they would review his completed file with the VP nom he had submitted. It ended with another phone call asking for last years English teacher who was on medical leave to redo his evaluation. November was offered...
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    Class of 2023 March Back

    1203 started Beast. I know of several new cadets who experienced medical issues during Beast. Edited to add : Was an amazing day. Son is in I Company so led the march. Excited for A Day to spend a little time with him.
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    Class of 2023 March Back

    Amazing morning!
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    NROTC 2019 Scholarships Awarded. Anyone know the numbers?

    1430 total? I had no idea it was so few. 4 year? I read the document and it appears to be that but just wow.
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    Candidate Portal Not Working Yet

    Just means you have some extra time to perfect your essays. After supporting 2 sons through this process, it's a gauntlet. Get those essays ready! Practice for the CFA!
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    I remember my son getting mail before his junior year about USMA after a big ACT score. He didn't release them to anyone so we've always wondered how access is given as lots of college mail started then.
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    Longer service obligation for SA grads under review
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    Indoor Court Shoes for BEAST?

    Court shoes will be issued. See you soon! Safe travels.