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  1. VelveteenR

    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    I just laugh when I read posts from kids who return from NASS/SLE saying how much more fired up than ever they are to attend an academy as if those week-long summer camps bear any resemblance whatsoever to actual academy life. This thread and the sage responses from @NavyHoops, @Capt MJ...
  2. VelveteenR

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    My response was to the OP's question about when posting occurs; for Cyber, posts are not determined on Branch Night at West Point. This seems to be a dead horse at this point.
  3. VelveteenR

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    Our son maintains that what I posted is true. The few opportunities at Meade will eventually fold into Gordon and there are a few slots in HI that some could eventually fill but those are basically the options. Mostly what Cyber does is "loan" officers to various other posts for temporary...
  4. VelveteenR

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    That is true but, in the case of Cyber, training and initial post are both Ft. Gordon, so there was no need to attend Post Night (those going straight to grad school already knew where they were headed as well). Our son will be there for the next six years. He may have short-term assignments...
  5. VelveteenR

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    No, posting happens later, except for Cyber. All Cyber officers go to Ft. Gordon, GA (for both BOLC and initial post) so there is no need to attend Post Night. At least, that was the case for the class of 2019.
  6. VelveteenR

    (To current academy cadets) What is your favorite part about being at the Academy?

    To answer the original question: Graduation.
  7. VelveteenR

    So There’s A Game Today...

    I must say I enjoyed how Michigan rolled over ND a few weeks ago. Go Blue! ;) Go Navy!
  8. VelveteenR

    I am a Firstie (Class of 2020) -- Ask Me Anything

    Regardless of how any posters here feel about the "fairness" of BRADSO, the Army has determined it worthwhile to give a boost to those willing to commit to longer service. If your high-OML cadet wants an additional boost for a branch, s/he is as welcome to BRADSO as any other cadet and enjoy...
  9. VelveteenR

    PMS interview

    Same here. I thought it was about an interview that was scheduled at the wrong time and didn’t go so well...
  10. VelveteenR

    Two Months Post First-Time Visit to the Yard

    We never spoke of or took our son to any of the service academies, but he still ended up at one. Sigh. Kids. Can't control 'em. ;) (Too bad those many, many trips to Ann Arbor did not have the intended effect.)
  11. VelveteenR

    New Branching System

    There is a duplicate thread for this discussion: I posted how “talent-based branching” was done last year at USMA. Seems they’ve formalized it, renamed it, and consider it ready for prime time now...
  12. VelveteenR

    New Branching System

    This is not exactly new. I posted last November how talent-based branching was used in last year’s branch process and the article that described it: It looks like the process has been more...
  13. VelveteenR

    Poor GPA, but in extremely competitive and hard high school with a strenuous situation

    There are many students at all of those “hard” high schools who form the top cohort. You are evaluated within the context of your high school, so you are compared against those high achievers who earn top GPAs regardless of that rigor. Use the essay.
  14. VelveteenR

    Never Forget: 9/11

    Thinking about that awful day 18 years ago with my arms wrapped around my four year old as we watched those towers in disbelief, never dreaming he’d be in uniform one day part of that ongoing fight. Never forget.
  15. VelveteenR

    Army @ Michigan

    Great game, but Go Blue! ;)
  16. VelveteenR

    Very good students?

    Each appointee has a "strongest part." And each of those parts sought by the military is EQUALLY necessary and valued by the academies. Funny how easily we seem to think academics should be valued as most important. It's that mindset that exposes a misunderstanding of what the academies are...
  17. VelveteenR

    Very good students?

    You're worried for nothing. Remember, averages are just that. They indicate that about half the pool is above and about half below. Your kid will not be lonely in that upper pool, and it is foolish to be concerned. Your son is not going to be unique, and USMA is not going to waste his time...
  18. VelveteenR

    Army BOLC dates for 2019?

    And who's to say that they'll even want to come home when they can go anywhere they want if leave permits? Gone are the days when (school) breaks meant coming home to mom and dad. :(
  19. VelveteenR

    Possible Increase to Military Service Obligation

    And don’t forget, even currently it’s not always just five years, depends on the branch. Our son will be serving nine years (six years for Cyber, two years for grad school, and a one year payback for grad school); the Army will not be releasing him until he’s 31. He couldn’t five-and-dive if...
  20. VelveteenR

    Army BOLC dates for 2019?

    Yes, he’s Cyber. I didn’t shed any tears during his boarding school or college years (not even on R-Day), but this move is different somehow, more permanent, and it exposes where we are in this cycle of life. He is our only child and came along in our 40’s. We are retired and truly on the...