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  1. MidwestDad

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    Just to clarify the new system effectively 'prequalifies' cadets for branch selection - some may have wished for choices that the screening process eliminates. Not really misleading stats but they now get 'suggestions' for their best choices and chances.
  2. MidwestDad

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    It's a good sign but no guarantee. Down the road you can be 3Q with a nom and still have 50/50 odds. Competitive schools actively recruit competitive candidates - outside the few elite Ivys most schools are motivated to attract the best candidates. So get your stuff done and see where it...
  3. MidwestDad

    Optional "Time Management" Short Course for New Cadets

    However they get it time management is critical to success [and survival] at USMA. DS was a 3 sport athlete for 4 years of HS and I think this plus heavy honors and AP class load put him right in the groove for typical USMA schedule. Limited goof off time and if its spent on Netflix etc bad...
  4. MidwestDad

    AP Scores

    Helps build your nomination packet, don't fret AP for admissions.
  5. MidwestDad

    Hair for R-Day

    So no blue, pink, orange, etc hair is what this gets at. Not the worst idea to re-dye, else he will have frosted tips when his buzz cut grows out . . . But probably not a fatal offense to leave it !
  6. MidwestDad

    What to Wear on R-Day

    Very possible you will be waiting in line for a looong time in Sun and heat before even saying goodbye to your family. Wear comfortable shorts and shirt, nothing that stands out. Church clothes not needed !!
  7. MidwestDad

    Acceptance Rate?

    Remember that every MOC can nominate 10 per slate - if every MOC has one seat open in a given year that is 5350 nominations not including VP and Presidential. So 3Q or not this swag says less than appx 20% of nominees get appointments on average.
  8. MidwestDad

    Underwear for CBT

    Dry fit compression shorts. Wash em in the shower, quick air dry. Weigh little - bring lots.
  9. MidwestDad

    3rd Varsity Sport

    DS was a 3 sport athlete all 4 years. IMHO this was a great way to learn the time management and self discipline that is perhaps the biggest key to SA success. If you can pull off honors grades and test scores while playing varsity sports year round you have an inkling of what awaits. If...
  10. MidwestDad

    I need help!!!

    Over 70K and counting but still a select group over 200+ years. State schools here graduate far more than that every decade.
  11. MidwestDad

    Multitool/knife for beast

    Wingman is great with belt clip. Got mine after buying one for DS.
  12. MidwestDad

    Appointee Tour Date Email with No Appointment

    Congrats - never give up !!! The April 15 acceptance deadline was a trigger for remaining appointments due to declines.
  13. MidwestDad

    Chance of getting spirit pass

    Less than 4 weeks into plebe year, odds are low. Also you may want to use that time to stay ahead on classwork - not the best time to miss a weekend. Logistics are dicey anyway; even with a pass you can't get a flight before maybe 9 PM earliest and more likely 10 with Fri PM rush hour...
  14. MidwestDad

    WP Appointment Presentation on Senior Awards ceremony

    It will usually be your FFR and won't likely be more than a few minutes.
  15. MidwestDad

    Problems when Running

    How did you run in snowshoes ?!?
  16. MidwestDad

    Problems when Running

    Might be sinus related? Lots of technical clothing options for runners including underarmor balaclavas for head face and neck. I use those as base layers for cold weather hunting etc and they help a lot. Super thin and wicking, that and a hoodie may help. I find breathing thru a layer really...
  17. MidwestDad

    Reporting Illnesses

    Unless you visit a doctor, ER, or urgent care I cannot see why anything needs to be reported. But follow any and all instructions that you have received. [Assuming you don't 'not go' if you should've.] Do NOT take any prescription meds that are not prescribed to you !!!!
  18. MidwestDad

    Junior Class Schedule

    Unless you want to major in Spanish I vote physics. First 2 years are STEM intensive no matter what major you choose. Mastery of Algebra is highly recommended.
  19. MidwestDad

    SAT and ACT best sections

    Short answer is yes - there are tables to convert scores between tests. You can Google these for an idea. Inexact science but taking both tests can help your cause as it is common to do better on one than the other. Superscoring will not take this into account directly but taking both tests...
  20. MidwestDad

    Cadet Banking Options??

    DS has USAA; perks include ability to rent a car at age 20 which he just did this week in Ft Lauderdale. Best to setup new account in person prior to R day if at all possible; doing it remote wasn't so easy. Cadets can also get Amex Platinum card to help build their credit and includes...