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    How old should a student be for these events?

    I think it is a great idea to start sooner than later. Knowing what H.S. curriculum to select, along with how to best prepare your resume from a leadership, extracurricular standpoint, etc. to be put in the best position for an academy selection is a leg-up in the process.
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    NROTC Results.....

    There typically is a list like this done every year, so you may as well start the official one now since scholarships have been awarded. Find the format from those used in the past and just follow that template.
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    Nrotc results

    If you look back through the years, when the fist board results came out, there were typically very few who posted on here who indicated they had gotten scholarships. It seemed like many more did this time. So perhaps they boarded many more, due to the delay in getting started and awarded many...
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    Nrotc results

    It seems like an unusually large number of winners for this first board compared to previous years. It makes me wonder if NROTC is doing things a little bit differently this year..........
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    Nuclear SWO

    I don't think the actual interview ever really got scheduled, however, I do know that she had several conversation with her class advisor (O-3) and the unit CO. I don't know how hard she had to push back. She was an engineer major, with decent grades, but not the top of the class. I suppose...
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    Nuclear SWO

    She did not have to interview and selected SWO as first choice. She loves it!
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    Have you ever heard of USMA contacting and offering

    Absolutely. She fits the demographics for this offer.
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    Question about Enlisting the way into West Point

    When my DS went for his overnight visit to USMA, there was an initial briefing that he attended. They had a current cadet speak to the group. He happened to be prior service and kept talking about how much easier entry into USMA was as an enlisted solider, as he said there was so much less...
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    There was a cadet in my DH's class who got his civilian GF pregnant in Yuk year. He "relinquished" parental rights, but it was common knowledge that they were still a couple throughout the remainder of his career at WP. At every major event she would be there with the baby and he would be...
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    How many service academy appointments does each state get per academy?

    New Mexico has 3 congressional districts, right? If so, then 1 per congressional district and 1 per senator, for a total of 5 that are allotted. Now that does not mean only 5 from NM in total can go, as there can be appointees who get in through many other methods, such as Presidential, VP or...
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    Is there any advantage to applying to USNA early?

    If I recall, DS seemed to have had a lot of his application completed, but until he submitted his personal statement (or whatever it is called) then the DoDMERB wasn't requested. Also, his BGO wouldn't do the interview until 100% of his application was complete. This is not the norm, but it...
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    Is there any advantage to applying to USNA early?

    I echo the sentiment of getting applications in early, if you have done all that you are going to do from the strength of the application, for the sake of getting DoDMERB started if you have any medical issues that can throw you a curveball. The remedial/waiver process can take a very long time...
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    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    November 2014. He ended up not going to USNA, though, and graduated from USMA in May.
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    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    It was dated at the end of November.
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    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    As others have said, not everyone who gets into NASS gets into USNA and vice versa. With that being said, there was a handwritten note on my DS's LOA from USNA from the Director of Admissions that referenced his outstanding performance at NASS, so those write-ups by the Mid detailers are being...
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    Emotionally draining day

    Yes, it is quite a day. Hopefully you'll get to go back for A-Day. That will be a much better day for all, although your DD will be very tired. If your DD is involved with the church, they have some great programs there. Our Son was very involved. Father Matt (Airborne Ranger!) was his...
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    Graduating from Advanced Camp

    Yes, things sure have changed. Back in "my day" when I "graduated" from Advanced Camp at Ft. Riley, KS, no parents came. I couldn't even imagine any parents wanting to come, as it was quite uneventful. We probably would have been embarrassed if any had shown up, too! But nowadays, when it...
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    NASS reflections

    Both of my kids went to NASS. For our DS, it helped fuel his fire for wanting to go to an Academy. For DD, it helped her realize she did NOT want to go to an Academy, but had still had the desire to serve and opted for pursue ROTC. I had really wanted her to keep pursuing both, to then make...
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    Appointment acccepted then turned down

    I posted this earlier in the year: Technically, the College Board is a not-for-profit organization. While the College Board uses the language that students can't double-deposit, they also state it is unethical to "Tell more than one college that it's their first choice." So even though the...