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  1. Sydney C.

    Class Rank and Nominations

    I have NO idea where you're getting this. Yes, test scores are important but to suggest arbitrarily that they are MORE important at USNA is not accurate at all. Every year someone comes up with the new secret to the "special USNA sauce" and the fact is, unless you sit on the admissions board...
  2. Sydney C.

    Service Selection

    I would suggest it's more that just "a bit odd". How about not fully understanding what they were getting in to or signed up for. As you say, this is the US Navy, not some kids sports team where you say if I don't play QB or whatever, I'm going to be really upset. Too bad. They all whistle a...
  3. Sydney C.

    Service Selection Class of 2020 is Today

    True enough. I have a kid that graduated in the top 10 and went SWO (for a lot of other reasons none of which included five and dive)
  4. Sydney C.

    Service Selection

    Old Navy BGO nailed it! With DS going thru this last year, we went followed it and it's exactly right. For many of the Companies, the service selection with their Company Officer was streamed live (join you Mid's company Facebook page and they'll let you know when and how). Then each Company...
  5. Sydney C.

    What 'back up' colleges did you apply to before choosing USNA?

    I'm going to give you the right answer to this because DS experienced it back in the day: you keep the back up plan in place until he/she takes the oath on I-Day. Period....and I'm NOT kidding!
  6. Sydney C.

    Asking Admissions Officer About Application Progress

    Correct to the OP....don't do it. (And this: just hypothetically speaking, let's assume you succumbed to the dark side of the force and did call'd be disappointed to learn that they will give you exactly......ZIP. Certainly not the progress of your application or your nomination...
  7. Sydney C.

    Going to West Point after three, yes three, years of college.

    We're saying the same thing and I wasn't clear enough; what I meant here is that three years would not be a detriment.
  8. Sydney C.

    Going to West Point after three, yes three, years of college.

    I agree with all of what was said in your response to the OP except for this. The OP's chances are no different than anyone else's. Just because he's done three years in college aren't a factor. What is a factor will be the how he articulates wanting to attend WP after three years in college...
  9. Sydney C.

    Proud Dad; USNA 2019

    Proud Dad; USNA 2019
  10. Sydney C.

    Graduation Interference

    I would love to meet a kid like that today! Really.
  11. Sydney C.

    Service assignments for 2020

    I can't speak to VEGEP directly, however, I'm going to assume it's not any different than any of the other post-graduate programs at USNA. Example: my own DS is on a post grad fellowship. He service selected along with everyone else. It was not deferred , it did not impact service selection in...
  12. Sydney C.

    Sub Drafting

  13. Sydney C.

    High school ranking and rigor

    OK.....Be brutally honest with yourself about what it is that you want to do. The more you can focus the more time you’ll have. And the more time you have, the more you’ll be able to achieve. Sometimes you need to be reminded of this: “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all...
  14. Sydney C.

    Candidate Visit Weekend Rescinded - Thoughts?

    Old Navy BGO is spot on with this! Seen this play out numerous times and folks are just reading WAY too much into NASS and CVW invites. The fact is the overwhelming majority of those that are offered appointments on an annual basis....go to neither. You don't get "extra" points, it doesn't...
  15. Sydney C.

    Maybe so sir...but not today (maybe tomorrow)?

    This is easy dude....she's a big kid now so you drop her off at Alumni Hall in the AM...."gotta go honey, important things I need to do, behave yourself and do well" Immediately off to the theater for advanced tickets, then over to the Rooster for some breakfast, arrange to hook up with...
  16. Sydney C.

    MARSOT Screener

    My other son is a MARSOC...wait till he gets to real deal and then let's how much "fun" it is. Not. Glad he "enjoyed" it and hope he achieves his goals. It's not for for the timid.
  17. Sydney C.

    Role of Parents in BGO Interview

    I think the upshot of all these individual experiences is that one size doesn't fit all, that there as many different variations on this as there are BGO's, that in the end, while the candidate needs to be prepared, this isn't anything to lose sleep over.