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  1. Billberna

    Career starter loan

    VERY wise words here by Christcorp. Thank you.
  2. Billberna

    Homeschooler Advice

    Parent of a home-schooler here, now C4C cadet at the Academy. You can PM me with questions, too. Many things I would have suggested have already been suggested above.
  3. Billberna

    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    There is no BFE. If you get an offer of appointment and you accept the appointment, then a whole new big beautiful checklist will appear on your portal. This takes the place of the low tech BFE.
  4. Billberna

    USAFA admission after MMI (Marion)

    @peppypea I just stopped by to say "hi". I thought of you and your son today and I wish you the best of success on his second attempt.
  5. Billberna

    Social Media on DDO

    You cannot always trust even your close friends. I was posting details about BCT to a private blog with a very short list of readers. However, even among my short list of trusted individuals, I discovered that some of the photos have been shared with outsiders. It was a case where a parent felt...
  6. Billberna

    how should homeschoolers prepare for the USAFA

    Our DS is an appointee entering the class of 2022 next week. No dual enrollment, but we did four "dual credit" courses through a partnership between The Potter's School and Belhaven. No CLEP tests, but he did take four AP exams. Got 5s on two of them, and still waiting for scores on the other...
  7. Billberna

    Poll: USAFA Class of '22 BCT Squadron Assignments

    Aggressors (06:45) - refdad / DS Hellcats (11:00) - mrfritz44 / DD - WinstonWolfePF / Self - Billberna/ DS
  8. Billberna

    Poll: USAFA Class of '22 BCT Squadron Assignments

    This thread is to keep track of which appointees are in which squadrons this BCT of summer 2018 so that we can connect with one another.
  9. Billberna

    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Wow, @zychcowski and @weizguyz ! Congratulations to both of you. Just goes to prove, never say never.
  10. Billberna

    should I stop trying?

    Another suggestion is the Junior Military Colleges such as Marion Military Institute and New Mexico Military Institute. Taking one year of service academy prep, after your senior year in high school, at a Junior Military College will not only enable you to demonstrate your readiness for college...
  11. Billberna

    Great advice and info for Class of 2022 appointees and future candidates

    Just an FYI. I don't know if it is okay to advertise a book, but we often look to books for information and sometimes there is a really good one that I have to mention because it is so helpful. I also always search through Amazon to find books on any subject we need, and have found some very...
  12. Billberna

    anxiousness leading up to medical exam

    We were very surprised by the lack of thoroughness of the DoDMerb exam. If you think you have a mystery condition that has not been hitherto diagnosed, it would be very surprising if it was uncovered by this exam. They didn't even do lab work. You might find out something you didn't know about...
  13. Billberna

    Boots and OCPs

    The appointee packet indicates sage green. The uniform change is not authorized until October 1 of this year. The uniform change will be phased in over 2-1/2 years. So, from what I am hearing on other parent groups, it is likely that ABUs (therefore, sage green boots) will be grandfathered in...
  14. Billberna

    Your son/daughter goes where???

    At the checkout line last week, after picking up a cake that said "Best Wishes, Cadet ____, Class of '22". So the young male cashier said "class of '22? Isn't it a little early?" And I said "No, he is appointed to the United States Air Force academy as a member of the class of '22. He goes...
  15. Billberna

    Parent weekend

    Great - that's even better than I thought!
  16. Billberna

    Parent weekend

    Yes, over Saturday and Sunday night.
  17. Billberna

    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    @CAC I recommend you look in the "Service Academy Prep Schools" forum for more information on the six prep school options before you. Best wishes and congratulations!!
  18. Billberna

    Cadet Second Class and a Prior Enlisted: please, ask me questions!

    No, @Yassim95. There are two exams - the official AP exam of the College Board which is going to be the morning of May 15th and for which you would already be registered at your high school. The other exam is the placement exam for USAFA which is in three parts and administered online. The AP...
  19. Billberna

    Applying for LEAD while in tech school?

    Is there a minimum number of years you have to be an airman to go for the LEAD program?