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  1. mom3boys

    Conditional offer but no nomination

    Supe noms typically go to athletes and under represented minorities. Perhaps OP can also check one of those boxes?
  2. mom3boys

    Chances with a 24 ACT

    Also depends where you live. If you are in a district that has very few applicants, you could win your district and get an appointment. However, let's say you are in a state like NY, TX, or a place like DC...probably very little chance. Keep taking the ACT and try the SAT.
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    Group-ride from Newark Airport to West Point on Saturday night 11/30.

    You should post on your class fb page as well. Also, consider calling Joe at GMK and see if he'll move the time a bit.
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    What else can I do?

    What other areas are strengths? Do you have varsity letters? Are you an Eagle scout? Are you SGA president? Boys state? WP is looking at the whole person, not just one area. How bad do you want this? Do you want it badly enough that you are applying for ROTC scholarships for plan B, in the hope...
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    USMA questions

    The VP nom chances are extremely slight. If you have something amazing you're bringing to the table, there is a chance of a Supe nom (i.e. blue chip athletic recruit, a cure for cancer, Nobel prize, etc). I would contact admissions and ask how they suggest you proceed.
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    USMA questions

    Who would you ask for a nomination?
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    Plebe height?

    5'3" isn't the shortest. There have been several female cadets under 5'. If she's tough, she'll do great. You are overly worried.
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    Going to West Point after first year of college?

    Contact your RC. Tell him/her of your wishes and ask for advice. Do EVERYTHING he/she says. Get your application in early. Right now is the time to work on your nomination packets. They are generally due in Sept or Oct. Get very involved w/ everything ROTC has to offer. Make all A's. Good luck...
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    R Day Schedule

    It might be on the official 2023 parents' page on fb. If not, the parent liaison runs the page and she can post it.
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    Vaping is huge in the middle and high schools...they think it won't hurt them (that whole frontal lobe not developed yet thing...). I tell them they look like smokey rednecks.'s about the dumbest looking thing I've seen.
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    What to Wear on R-Day

    Several years ago NCs were told to wear black socks and low quarters. Now you can wear your tennis shoes. Be's a long, hot line. You change into PTs very early in the process.
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    Congrats Class of 2019

    2019 will be known as the class of perfect weather...from no coats at PPW to 70's for grad week. Awesome week!
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    R-Day Group Size

    It depends on how much you like the people =) For DS1, it was just me, his dad, and his little bro. When the little bro went 7 years later, it was me, his dad, his gf, and the gf's parents. We all loved being together and sightseeing all day. Both size groups worked for us. Had we had mobility...
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    I need some guidance please , all the help will be appreciated. thanks

    Perhaps get accepted to YOUR country's service academy and then apply to be an exchange student at West Point.
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    Seeking Direction on Poor Choice Made

    How did this turn out, OP?
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    3rd Varsity Sport

    It doesn't matter. If you want to join, join. If not, don't. You will have already proven athleticism by lettering and leadership by captaining. Go raise some money for a worthy charity, start a group that tutors poor kids, invent something out of the ordinary to get noticed.
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    Civilian Prep vs Admissions

    You do NOT apply for it. You are selected for it and it is then offered to you.
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    Civilian Prep vs Admissions

    Civil Prep from AOG is a golden's a very good thing! Congrats!
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    Sonsor Family

    Cadets who want to participate, fill out a's like an online dating profile, sort of! They are matched up. Sometimes they click, other times not. The also meet families at the various chapels, instructors, etc. My first cadet had a great relationship for 3 years w/ his, then the sponsor...
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    College Re-applicant

    Mine is about to graduate...and he was a college reapplicant. After Rday, contact your RC and say, "I am going to reapply. What advice do you have for me to make my file for 2024 as strong as possible?" Then, do EVERYTHING he/she says...and get your application finished by October. Good luck!