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    Early Action

    Read back through prior year threads, but historically, I believe all rejections come at the end of the EA cycle. This year, applications can also be held over to the RA cycle.
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    Recruited athlete for football

    They don't "offer" spots the way div 1 programs do, because your son still has to be admissible and get admitted. What you describe is about as strong as a commitment as you will receive from CGA. They are being honest - they can't promise anything, but they will support the application, which...
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    Watch standers should absolutely be armed. Otherwise, what’s the point? Every properly certified soldier should have the option of carrying their sidearm no matter where they are, including military bases.
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    Three dead plus a dead shooter aboard NAS Pensacola

    IMHO it is long past time to reconsider the policy against carrying on base. How many of these incidents need to occur before we give our highly trained soldiers the same right to defend themselves that we enjoy when walking down the street.
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    Candidate Review Panel Evaluation

    This has not been the case in the past - it is approximately 50/50 between EA and RA. It makes sense that there would be a higher rate of appointments from EA, as those are traditionally the most qualified candidates.
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    As of now...

    Glad to hear that If it wasn't timed, it would be a completely different test, and everyone would have increased scores, which would probably keep you in the same percentile. People with documented learning disabilities can get extra time for the SAT, but the academies only accept scores...
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    As of now...

    What difference does his GPA (he has previously stated it is a 3.4) and coursework make if USAFA won't open the full application to him? There is zero chance of admission if USAFA won't officially make you a candidate. I doubt @flieger83 was aware of that fact when he responded.
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    Recruitment Process Question

    Are you male or female, and which sport are you talking about? The experience will be different for each sport, but if other kids are committing to that team, and all the coach has done is give you advice on applying, then it is unlikely that you are a recruit. That doesn't mean they wouldn't...
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    As of now...

    Not if he flunks out because he cant handle the academic rigor of the stem heavy coursework at USAFA. Respectfully, an 1120 SAT score calls into question a student's ability to succeed. It reflects a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of algebra and geometry, and the English language...
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    USAFA Weight vs Military

    Or small cockpits.
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    Submit fall grades to date for EA?

    you can't update the application but you can submit the scores to your AO who can bring them to the admission board for consideration when his application is reviewed.
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    Commandant suspended

    We arent talking about sending a venmo to your buddy after you ordered his chinese food last night.. It is so inappropriate that a FREAKING GENERAL would ask to charge their room to a CADET's credit card that its defies words and understanding. Failing to immediately reimburse the cadet is...
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    Submit fall grades to date for EA?

    Absolutely do it. At CGA, you are always encouraged to supplement your application with new info like grades, awards, and activities while your application is pending.
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    Tattoos and appointment

    I have a tattoo, a brand or a piercing. Can I be admitted? While having a tattoo or brand does not automatically disqualify you from consideration, they must meet standards outlined in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2903. Tattoos or brands anywhere on the body that are obscene, advocate sexual...
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    Commandant suspended

    Almost certainly not. That was one of 7 sustained charges. The timing of repayment was only one small piece of why it was wrong. The IG found she was untruthful during the investigation and blamed her actions in the credit card incident on her staff. The report as a whole was very damning...
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    Commandant suspended

    Is your son the "recruit" she helped while on vacation? if so, do you think that colors your view of her actions? She received notification the card would be replaced weeks before the trip, didn't do anything about it until 2 days before the trip, blamed her staff, and then charged it to a...
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    Unlawful Command Influence in Navy rape case Interesting read, to say the least.
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    Senior schedule is wrong

    USAFA is closed today for all nonessential personnel due to the weather. Submit the updated schedule.
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    Phys Ed SOE

    You have to do what the instructions say. If you can't because of your school's unique circumstances, then you need to ask your RC for permission to do something different, not a bunch of people on the internet. As well meaning as everyone here is, we can't give you permission to do something...
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    Is a speeding ticket a CI?

    Report the original charge as well as the reduced final adjudication. This isn't a game to see what you can get away with. “Have you ever been cited, arrested, convicted or fined for any violation of law?” The language is very clear. Reveal everything and explain what happened. Also, hire...