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    The LOE would be mailed to the applicant not the applicant's father.
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    Last Nom Interview and Rank Order

    The truth.
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    More than 10 Nominations per MOC?

    You would think it would be the same slate twice or how would you do it? I would be crazy to put candidates 1-10 on one list and 11-20 on the other thereby theoretically giving #11 a better chance for appointment than #2..
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    Bottom line is we sent Chief Gallagher, Maj Goldsteyn, and LT Lorance to kill the enemy, they followed those orders. To me it's that simple. There is no black and white in the wars being fought in Middle East, we are the only ones in uniform. Our enemies are disguised as harmless civilians...
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    MMI Self-Sponsored Chances?

    Actually he had never heard of it when it was offered.. I do know of others in his class at MMI and now at USMA that did make their RC aware that they would be interested in an AOG scholarship if not offered an appointment..
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    MMI Self-Sponsored Chances?

    An AOG scholarship is referred to as a Golden Ticket. The reason is AOG scholars (my DS was one) are guaranteed a spot in the next class as long as they don't "fail a class or get arrested" as he was told by his RC.. MMI has a very good record of success with self sponsored cadets as well but...
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    What is a disqualifying CFA?

    Very surprised he got by with those numbers. But if they didn't ask for a retake its all good..
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    Overnight Visit

    DS thought it was very funny when I told him the impressions from a few recent overnight visits was that they don't work out daily at West Point. His exact response was, "I don't need someone to hold my hand and watch me do a few pushups in the morning, when I am in the gym 2.5-3 hours a day, 7...
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    Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things

    Well that made me feel pretty crappy about myself..
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    Marion Military Institute Service Academy Prep

    DS was AOG at MMI now Yuk at USMA.. Loved MMI, great experience.. We cannot thank the SAP staff there enough..
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    MMI Cresting Ceremony

    If you can't do both Parents weekend is a much better event.
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    Presidential directive to loosen service obligation of SA and ROTC athletes

    The 2 greatest professional athletes to graduate from Service Academies, Roger Staubach and David Robinson, got no special service waivers, completed their service requirements, and went on to have Hall of Fame Professional careers. It can be done the right way. Service Academies were created...
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    Am I Competitive?

    We could really use a good Kicker!!
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    Parents of MMI SAP Appointed Info

    In DS' year at MMI the Self Sponsored USMA candidates did very well, don't know the exact numbers but the percentage was very high.. Unfortunately I have no idea if that is normal or a one year anomaly.
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    Parents of MMI SAP Appointed Info

    So you are saying Sponsored AOG's were not strong candidates?? If that is what you meant to say it is obviously ridiculous and incorrect as they are virtual locks for Appointment the following year and are contractually bound to accept that Appointment.
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    What to Wear on R-Day

    Remember anything they bring they have to carry around all day IN ADDITION to everything they will be issued. Even luggage with wheels must be carried, it's not Annapolis where they get cute little wheelie carts to roll around. Less is best.. After Beast any room/school needs can be addressed..
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    Felony conviction??
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    School Superitendent's Son

    I don't know about USNA but I can tell you for a fact that at USMA attending Boy State does equate to being an Eagle Scout.
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    Ketchup on Hot Dogs

    Why would one put Steak sauce on steak, it already tastes like steak??