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    MMI Self-Sponsored Chances?

    This is the exact same advice from USMA admissions.
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    Stats on fully qualified applicants and acceptance?

    The one data point you do not know is who they are competing against. In theory, one MOC slate could have all 10 candidates qualified and your chances there are 1 in 10. You could be qualified at the low end of the curve but be the only qualified candidate on the MOC slate and now you are 1 of...
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    What are my chances of getting in?

    The academic portion of the candidate score is most heavily weighted towards academic. Your test scores and GPA are on the low side and would need to be improved.
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    What 'back up' colleges did you apply to before choosing USNA?

    Isn't USNA the back up school for those that do not gain admission to USMA?
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    What are the chances of a RISK candidate getting accepted to the USMA or USMAPS?

    It is a very high level evaluation and admissions and the field force have access to this information but generally it is not shared with the candidates. It is a preliminary ranking that helps prioritize the workload for the team. If you are classified as risk, you may not get a second step kit...
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    ACT of 29 but otherwise solid credentials. That said, what would be the best military prep school for focus on the ACT just in case.

    An ACT score of 29 is in the 91st percentile nationally and is not a low score. Unless you have a low subscore in one area this will not be what keeps you out. The guidance from admissions is that strong candidates should attend a four year college and do well in a challenging plebe like...
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    Recruited Athletes

    Again, we seem to be confusing nomination slates, recruited athletes and where an appointment may be charged. Congressional offices can handle the nominations in any manner as they chose but if they understand the process, they would not select a recruited athlete as a principal nominee as it...
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    Recruited Athletes

    You are confusing getting a nomination and winning the slate. A recruited athlete usually just needs a nomination and they will get charged as an Additional Appointee if they do not win the MOC slate.
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    Commandant suspended

    Mis-Handling expense reports is one of the fastest ways to lose your job no matter what industry you work in and executives at all levels seem to stretch the rules and forget how to do the right thing. Most companies have a policy that the highest ranking individual pay the cost of any group...
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    Does having more nominations increase your chances of appointment?

    You are correct and I am sorry that I had a typo. These are LOA holders that do not win a slate. You must be 3Q with a nomination to get placed on the NWL. To your second question, the number of nominations do not impact your WCS and admissions does not usually publish what they are looking...
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    Does having more nominations increase your chances of appointment?

    Not exactly. The first 150 appointments know as qualified alternates are pulled from the NWL in rank order using the WCS. After that, the academy can pick and chose from the NWL as they see fit to fill the class with what is called additional appointees. These are typically LOA holders that...
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    What are my chances of getting into the USMAPS?

    From what you posted about your grades, your chances of getting a USMAPS offer is very remote because they are too good. Unlike what might apply to other service academies, you have to be deemed "not-qualified" by the process to be considered for USMAPS. As I see it, your issue is that your...
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    More than 10 Nominations per MOC?

    Each opening is independent of the others in terms of how the slate is submitted. The individuals can be duplicated on each slate or be 20 different individuals. They can also submit two unranked slates, two principal nominees with ranked alternates or two principal nominees with unranked...
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    SOEs Questions

    If you are competitive in your primary MOC district, you FFR will most likely reach out to you to complete the interview. Interview are required this year at USMA and there are a few growing pains with the coordination between the RCs and Field Force.
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    Conditional offer but no nomination

    The VP has one slot each year just like members of Congress but he can nominate ten individuals for that one spot. The LOA states that the OP just needs to secure a nomination. He does not have to "win" the VP's slate. Admissions usually uses those 10 VP nominations for individuals in similar...
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    Reapplying to West Point 1st Year College

    Waivers are granted by the commissioning source and each one is different. In your case USMA and Cadet Command will evaluate your condition and make the final determination. It may be the same for both sources or it may be different between the two. Your RC will initiate the waiver process at...
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    Reapplying to West Point 1st Year College

    The waiting is hard but admissions will not review the file until the first semester transcript is received which will most likely be after the holidays. If he has taken a challenging plebe like schedule, As and Bs are sufficient to demonstrate success. Please do not think that he needs a 4.0...
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    MMI Self-Sponsored Chances?

    This comes up every year and the answer is that it depends on the candidate. I have never seen statistics for MMI or any other civilian prep schools success rate in Academy preparation but I can assure you the results are not the same between sponsored and self. The sponsored candidates would...
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    What is a disqualifying CFA?

    If he has a green check mark by his scores then he passed. The scores that are below the average are just slightly low so he should be fine. Since he has a principal nomination, the family just needs to sit back and enjoy the rest of his Senior Year and make sure he doesn't get hurt.
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    Is it better to attend NAPS (Naval Academy Prep School) or go to a university, attend NROTC, and be successful in your classes?

    Back to the OP, your BGO is asking you because it is required in the interview. The question comes up every year and the answer is always it depends on you. IF you have good test scores and IF you have a strong educational foundation and IF you are mature enough to do well as a Freshman...