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    Army ROTC Scholarship is out!

    You will get a nice package in the mail in a week or so. It will have instructions for accepting. congrats
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    Army ROTC Scholarship is out!

    Wow, so many 4 years! Congrats everyone!
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    Will Government Shutdown affect Army ROTC Selection Board Meetings?

    My son's Jan 1st stipend payment went in unaffected. Good luck to you.
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    AROTC paperwork: SAT score sheet?

    Interesting I never heard this. My son had a 10 in writing. His actual score in reading was 31, I wonder if he got a bump?! It doesnt really matter now, but just interesting...
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    AROTC paperwork: SAT score sheet?

    On the college board website you can download the SAT score sheet. Save it as a document and upload it to the scholarship app. Thankfully AROTC accepts score sheets that way and you dont have to pay to have the testing company send it directly. My DS did that with his SAT and ACT scores last...
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    ROTC Interview and Scholarship Portal

    Yes, they can see it all. The one who interviewed my son referenced several things in his application including his essays.
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    Parental Consent Required?

    When I read your question I originally couldnt think of anytime I had to sign anything for my son ( AROTC 4 year winner). But I just went back and looked and on the form accepting the scholarship there was a line for him to sign and also for parent/guardian to sign. I have no idea what would...
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    Medical Examination nerves?

    My DS broke his collar bone/s three times in his life! Fully disclosed and answered the ortho follow up questions. I requested all records b/c I felt sure they would be asked for, but nope. No remedial or anything regarding them.
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    Can I apply to more than 1 ROTC program?

    Yes. Good luck.
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    Remedial Requested

    No, after his exam his status went to remedial requested, after he went and had the requested test done, it took about another week and he was qualified. If you still havent gotten your remedial code/s, email you technician they may be able to give you info.
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    When to send transcripts?

    AROTC application opened today (I believe). After the first section or two of the app which doesn't take long, there is a prompt to send a request to the guidance counselor.
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    Remedial Requested

    It took about a week after my son's said "remedial requested" until we had the code for what they wanted. Often its records, in our case it was to go get an additional exam. If they want records, you would get them and send them.
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    Medical Records - Possible DQ

    Yes they ask this far back.. The 85 question medical history you fill out asks if you "have or if you have ever had".... to each item. They wont initially ask for records, you just fill out a history questionnaire and go for an exam. But if you are honest about reporting those diagnoses then...
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    Same with my DS
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    High School Award Ceremony

    My DS's senior awards ceremony was tonight. A LTC from a local college AROTC came and presented his award. It was very nice and much appreciated!
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    nervous mother here!

    When my DS went last Winter the doctor actually made the comment: "we used to have to do a urine test at these but they told us not to do it anymore" . Glad we didnt have to deal with the chance of false positives! He had abstained from exercise for a few days leading up to it just in case.
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    nervous mother here!

    Two appointments, vision and medical. Im no expert in vision things but they checked visual acuity, color blindness, depth perception etc. At the medical appointment there was a hearing test, heigh weight, blood pressure then your basic physical stuff. The doc asked his own questions and...
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    nervous mother here!

    Good luck, Dodmerb is an extremely nerve wracking experience! The day my DS got his medically qualified letter was such an exciting and relieving day, and he didnt even really have a rough time ( as compared to a lot) ..just one remedial requiring a specialist visit. The exam is actually not...
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    Army ROTC Personal Statement & 1 Mile Run

    Our highschool has a 1 mile course thats not on the track, its measured through parking lots/roads on campus. DS's JROTC instructor uses that to train for raider meets etc and for them do physical fitness tests. Also, he has already been in contact with the rotc program he is attending next...
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    What are my chances of getting a full ROTC scholarship?

    If you are looking for Army, first know that the 3 and 4 year national scholarships pay full tuition plus books and a monthly stipend. It does not include room and board but some schools ( especially private ones) will throw that in also to scholarship winners. Your resume looks good overall...