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  1. Ex.BT.USN

    I am new here and work in the Army ROTC Recruiting World.

    Cheers Joel, just in time for the new wave to begin; I’m certain you will be helpful
  2. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    1. Ex.BT.USN / DD / Feb 22 / Holy Cross / Tier 3 2. Amazed / DD / Feb 22 / MIT /Tier 1 3. parentofhopeful/DS/Dec 17/VMI/Tier 1 4. teachersara/DS/March 14/Yale/Tier 1 5.NAVYCAPT93/DS/Feb22/Texas A&M/Tier 2/ 6.CrewDad/DS/Dec/YaleUndecided/T3 7.Kris10/DD/Mar14/Maryland/Tier2 (Architecture)...
  3. Ex.BT.USN

    NROTC MSISR or National?

    Congratulations.... please add your information to the thread “Navy ROTC Class of 2022. You will see the format
  4. Ex.BT.USN

    Marine Option - Wisconsin or Miami?

    Congratulations when the decision is made please add it to the list of “Navy ROTC Class of 2022” thread. There are other Marine options on the list it would be great to see another. You really don’t have to wait you can toy with how you post of the two colleges.
  5. Ex.BT.USN

    Stick Around

    Ufedug8r, Our DS was a recruited athlete to USNA; he didn’t get in but he received the NROTC scholarship. He was happy knowing that the end goal was still intact and was going to reapply for USNA. In the end he loved the U of South Carolina and he stayed. 4 years later he is now...
  6. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    “My hypocrisy only goes so far.” Doc Holiday... I have 3 to support. UCONN = Blue, U of South Carolina = Garnet and Holy Cross = Purple. I must love all three with equal passion. I will however always remain a proud Navy veteran = Blue & Gold..
  7. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Go cocks.... My DS commissions out of the U of South Carolina in two weeks following in the unit alumni footsteps of kinnem’s DS. Can’t wait to render that first salute...his mentor is going down to give him his oath. As Kinnem would normally say: “Hope your ready to clean the football...
  8. Ex.BT.USN

    NASS- What to expect?

    It’s a recruiting tool...just prepare to have fun, work hard but really have fun. I have also said in other post to bring a big bag with only the clothing you need. You will have a lot of new clothing and will need the room to pack. In addition bring a plastic garbage bag you will have wet...
  9. Ex.BT.USN

    Chance me for ROTC scholarship

    I sure hope you’re applying for the academy as well.
  10. Ex.BT.USN

    High School Award Ceremony

    Just backed you up kinnem. I’m sure there will be others that will add to the likes.
  11. Ex.BT.USN

    NRTOC scholarship transfer

    My DD transfered her scholarship it took her all of 10 minuets to fill out the application; the next day it was approved. I would agree with USMAROTCFamily....get it done ASAP.
  12. Ex.BT.USN

    NROTC 2019 Scholarship

    Luke5891, First, good for you for jumping on this. The application is a available I just looked. You need to look deep into page one for the “ Apply “ option. There is a lot of information on the web site you just need to spend time “paying attention to detail”. Not saying you are not doing...
  13. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Congratulations to all... The real work begins at NSO. Maintain your military bearings which you will learn a lot about. Take the tough right over the easy wrong on your decisions as you track forward. Remember “all” that have been there for you and who have played a part in you reaching...
  14. Ex.BT.USN

    When should my teachers expect an email?

    I can’t answer the expectations question; however, make sure your schools computer safety system will allow for contact communications. My DS ran into this issue and the school had to do something to their security system for the teachers and guidance to receive any emails. I’m an engineer...
  15. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Nice, another Marine option. Kinnem as well as other Marines, Marine parents and Marine futures will love this. Cheers!
  16. Ex.BT.USN

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    Cudi2000, Did you apply for NROTC? Although the boards “don’t talk” there is a measurable within each application. What I mean is each application will ask if you applied to the other. In addition the application also asks if given the chance to attend NAPS would you? These questions...
  17. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    So I believe my numbers are right ... correct me if I’m wrong. To date: 1 Nurse 4 Marines 23 Tier 1 8 Tier 2 4 Tier 3 1 Tier 3 LREC Anybody want to figure out the schools?
  18. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    If your DS has not heard yet one way or the other there is still time. I saw a few posts that some were denied NROTC so hang in there and all the very best. Remember whatever the outcome there is no reason to be bummed. After watching all 3 of my children go through this from being turned down...
  19. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    40 on the list....let’s hope for more.
  20. Ex.BT.USN

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Pass the salt for the crow please. Tough game to watch but if your in it for the wins you just have to be in it for the losses. Really tough going into the playoffs, 33 was slow and Mac could not get his stick on the ice.... some rust on the defense; sure hope they can get up to speed in the...