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    Is NAVY Bowl Bound ?

    That would be only slightly more silly than the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl. Its sad that the majority of these games are completely meaningless exhibitions and as a sportswriter noted several years ago "only the parents of the players and some of the alumni actually care".
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    In the heat and stress of battle people sometimes do inappropriate things, that doesn't excuse adhering to the ROE but I would rather err on the side of protecting our own. Lots of young children have been run over by tanks or shot but no one got prosecuted, Obama released several known...
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    Pink & Green

    I agree with Casey, just more revolving door uniforms and a waste of money; during my 9 years in the Army Reserve we went from BDU to ACU to OCP. I liked the Green Class A uniform and wish they would have kept it, of course the rationale for getting rid of it was 'there are too many uniforms...
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    Is NAVY Bowl Bound ?

    sadly any "bowl eligible" team with the requisite 6-6 record can go to a bowl, heck now they are even taking teams with only 5 wins.
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    How USMA Prep Helped Army Improve in Football

    almost half of those attending service academy prep schools are recruited athletes, a clear indication they are a waste of taxpayer dollars. On some academy sports teams 80% of the athletes attended the prep school for a year, its also frequently used as a backdoor redshirt year so teams can...
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    Prosecutors Who Lost Gallagher Case Receive Awards for 'Superb Results'

    well if you ever needed an example of how the military hands out medals like party favors...….
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    Longer service obligation for SA grads under review

    So..... someone with a 4 year ROTC scholarship worth roughly $125,ooo has to serve 8 years of active duty but an SA grad who got an education worth $400,000 only has to serve 5 years. What is wrong with this picture?????
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    Presidential directive to loosen service obligation of SA and ROTC athletes

    Try again, the true cost of an academy education is more like $100,ooo a year. The taxpayers should not be providing a free education to athletes who want a shot at the pros, if you are that good sign with Alabama or Ohio State. Also David Robinson did get a special waiver and only had to...
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    Former USMA Cadet's rape conviction overturned

    so if he isn't guilty of rape isn't he at least guilty of Conduct Unbecoming?
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    Accident at West Point

    Sometimes this really hits close to home, I knew the Marine Officer who was killed in the accident at Pendleton, '17 grad of The Citadel and I am good friends with his father. Unbelievably tragic to see young lives cut short but reminds us of how dangerous a world the military is.
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    The Navy's newest supercarriers can't deploy with the new F-35 stealth fighters

    Did I miss something here? I thought the Navy versions were STOL aircraft that don't need a catapult.
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    Becoming a doctor after the academy

    I currently work at Andrews AFB with an Air Force EENT doctor who graduated from AFA and became an F-15 pilot then got accepted to USUHS some years later, there is always the possibility of getting into a medical school program after commissioning but the competition is extremely intense. With...
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    Heavy Citadel presence at College World Series

    2 of the 8 College World Series teams have Citadel alumni as Head Coach, Dan McDonnell '92 is making his 5th appearance in 13 years and his classmate Chris Lemonis of Mississippi State made it in his first year. Both are teammates of current Citadel HC Tony Skole '91 and all 3 played on the...
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    Anyone with insight about Band at the SMCs?

    played clarinet in Regimental Band at The Citadel back in the day, that unit has produced about a dozen flag officers and space shuttle/ISS astronaut COL Randy Bresnik. El Cid was the first military school to have a bagpipe band, they have appeared in 3 Presidential Inaugural Parades and next...
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    Waivers for SA Athletes to serve AFTER pro sports career

    Further evidence of how college athletics have corrupted even 'prestigious' schools like the academies. 80% of the people attending the prep schools are athletes who couldn't qualify for admission otherwise which makes them an outrageous waste of taxpayer money and a joke for even existing...
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    Airmen caught boozing

    yeah, a third rate online website like 'taskandpurpose' is a reliable source of news
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    Happily U. of Central Florida has folks with more common sense, he has accepted their Presidency. Shame on those limp wristed commie liberals at U. of South Carolina. And USC is in California folks.
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    It isn't just the academies, VMI and Citadel cadets are held to a very high standard as well. The media in Charleston loves to muckrake over the most minor incident that takes place involving cadets or staff at The Citadel but if there is a major drug bust or hazing incident at The College of...
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    College entrance scandal today

    you would be foolish to think that politics and even bribery don't get involved in SA noms
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    Former AF football stars have Pro Day @ USAFA

    I am adamantly opposed to allowing academy grads out of their service commitment to pursue pro careers, its an insult to the taxpayers and an egregious waste of money.