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    Stats on fully qualified applicants and acceptance?

    This is a misconception about probability that confuses the smartest people, even those with math backgrounds. It is the same concept that made Lets Make a Deal a gameshow success even though the choice to stay with the door you picked or change your pick has only one correct answer - you always...
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    Transferring Out of USMA

    The application process is the same as if you were transferring from any other college. If you are finishing the semester you will be considered a transfer student at colleges I am familiar with, but you should check with colleges you are applying to regarding specific requirements. If you do...
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    Understanding the nomination process....

    Each SA requires a nomination specific to that SA (USCGA doesn't require nominations). Nominations are entirely up to the MOC and each administers the process as they see fit. Often, if you live in a competitive district with many candidates to all SA's, the MOC will limit candidates to one...
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    USMA gives very few LOA's to candidates that are not recruited athletes or diversity candidates.
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    For the most popular branches, that is exactly how it worked out. Cadets are pretty bright and after the simulation figured it out quickly. Cadets in the top 5% of the class chose BRADSO to avoid being leapfrogged without any chance of being charged and to virtually guarantee they couldn't be...
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    Race and ethnicity

    You asked a straightforward question and I will give you a straightforward answer. Yes, service academies set diversity goals and if they are short of appointees in any particular category, candidates from that category will be appointed with lower WCS scores than candidates that are not in...
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    Enlisted to West Point

    Database of all applicants for several years. The info has shown to be quite accurate, but as with any large database there are errors, which is why I think the USMAPS number is incorrect.
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    Enlisted to West Point

    The number of appointees above seems too low - USMAPS should have more prior service appointees, closer to 70 - 90. Must be an error, but number is also consistent with class of 2019.
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    Enlisted to West Point

    USMA Class of 2020 - Prior Service Applicants Number of Applicants: 1,330 Number Qualified: 177 (13.3%) Number Appointed: 83 Appointed from USMAPS: 36 Direct Appointments: 47 ACT Average USMAPS Appointees: 27 ACT Average Direct Appointees: 28
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    Will I get docked for bringing up politics?

    Politically oriented extracurricular activities should not be a problem as long as they are mainstream; membership in ANTIFA or Neo-Nazi groups might gather unwanted attention, but traditional Democratic/Republican activities shouldn't be an issue. As always, leadership positions in any activity...
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    When selection for the branch is completed, all cadets in the branch are ranked by OML. They get charged for the extra 3 years if they elected BRADSO and fall in the bottom 25% of the branch. A hypothetical may clear up any confusion: Branch X has 100 slots All cadets ranking on the OML...
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    In the graph for MI, the cadets who got the branch based on OML were ranked 1 to less than 357. Thee final cadet could be ranked 356 or 156. No way to tell from the graph. The cadets getting MI via BRADSO were ranked from 357 - 706. So the worst ranked to get MI overall was 706.
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    The dreaded NWL .....

    Contact your RC (USMA)/Admissions Counselor (USNA). They are the authority on how to proceed. The MOC or her predecessor really screwed up. There should always be at least one slot - someone didn't understand the nomination process or ignored SA advice. Surprising if SA didn't see this coming...
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    3Q is an informal term and will generally not be referenced in official correspondence. The letter informing you that you have been placed on the NWL is essentially the "3Q" letter. It informs the candidate that "....the Admissions Committee has qualified your file..... all qualified applicants...
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    Is there a non-scam DoDMERB consultants out there?

    A good consultant is like a good plumber, worth every penny. Finding either among the many mediocre practitioners is a painstaking endeavor. The DODMERB process is exhaustive, but in most cases a candidate can handle it smoothly by remembering two rules - do not provide more information than...
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    The big winner with PADSO is the last cadet to choose and a PADSO post is the only one left on the board - no charge if it's the only choice.
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    Cyber originally had 27 slots this year. That was increased to 40 a few weeks before Branch Night. Growing fast.
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    % BRADSO = the ones actually charged the 3 extra years?: Yes, that is how I read it. 18% of 983 = 177 BRADSO's who's the cadet needing to BRADSO into FA? LOL.: The one who really, really didn't want Infantry :)
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    I haven't seen any stats on PADSO. BRADSO stats were readily available for 2018 and before. No information was released for 2019. Under the previous system all cadets requiring BRADSO to get a branch got charged with the 3 years - The first 75% of the slots were allocated on OML. If a cadet...
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    Rhodes Scholars

    USMA #5 overall behind Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. Pretty good company. 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓