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    Three dead plus a dead shooter aboard NAS Pensacola

    Sadly, embarrassment is the most MBS, Mohamed Bone Saw, has ever or will ever feel. Of course the Saudis cleared them. Joining the Saudi Military as an officer and receiving training in Europe or the US isn't exactly a result of meritocratic competition. The question is to what extent they were...
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    7 December 1941

    Thank you for reminding us, @Devil Doc!
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    Recruiter just won't stop zero-ing in on my kid...

    Snowie, Your daughter sounds awesome! She sounds just like my younger son. Rather than welding, his thing was the programmable C & C Machine in wood shop class. He used it to make a portable desk out of a 4x8x3/4 sheet of plywood using no fasteners. A couple of things: 1) The lack of an...
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    CC leaving Prep

    This^ Sounds as though your son is being honest with himself and everyone else. At some point your anxiety will turn to pride. It may take a long time, but it will. I have two boys, 24 and 28. the younger was medically DQed from an NROTC scholarship to Michigan. The other applied for and...
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    As of now...

    @flieger83 pretty well answered the original question about the SAT/ACT scores. How do any of you posters even comment without even knowing this person's GPA or the rigor of his/her course work, none of which OP has shared.
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    As of now...

    Maybe I missed it, but have you even shared your GPA and a list of AP classes you've taken along with the grades you earned?
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    Selecting a major AROTC

    Don't major in Engineering unless you are confident in your Math/Physics skills. Good starting measures would be your SAT/ACT Math score and your HS grades in Calculus, preferably AP Calc. Engineering is notoriously difficult. There are stories of Registrars setting up tables outside Calculus...
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    Why do they call it "Reserve" OTC

    I think it goes back to our notion of "Citizen Soldiery" as opposed to the European model of a large professional Officer corps presiding over a large standing Military, which often times found itself integrally involved in domestic politics. Nonetheless, we still needed to be able to stand up...
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    Any Advice for ProjectGo application?

    My DS received a Project GO scholarship between Sophomore and Junior year to Russian in Kazan, Russia. At the last minute the location was changed to Kyiv, Ukraine. He was there for the Orange Revolution. He lived with a family who spoke no English and whose mother tongue was Russian. It was a...
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    Thank you @Old Navy BGO for an excellent post discussing the command process, politics included, at the levels of O-6 and higher. I am most intrigued by the command process of O-3 and below, particularly in those parts of the SOF community that operate in smaller and more independent units like...
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    I know one person who was/is outraged, me. Still don't understand why Bergdahl isn't sitting in prison. Much like I don't understand the coziness some folks have with Wikileaks, a "hostile foreign intelligence service" according to Mike Pompeo, and the receiver and disseminator of the files...
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    Thank you @Old Navy BGO . The way you characterize your worldview tells me you think with your head and your comments confirm it.
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    Geezer - Retired Submariner

    My bet is you'll offer valuable perspective on various issues large and small, as well as old and new. Just don't yell at the youngsters to get off your lawn.;)
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    How about the standard of not posing with the corpse of an unarmed prisoner, holding up the head with one hand and a Ka Bar with the other, then posting the picture on social media with the caption "Got him with my hunting knife?"
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    26 soldiers were charged with killing 100's of Vietnamese villagers. Only one, Lt. Calley, was convicted of killing 22. He was sentenced to life in prison, but never set foot in one as a part of his sentence.
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    TV Show contestant on Survivor

    I wouldn't know because I never have nor would ever watch the show. The implication, however, he was being inappropriate. Therefore, there was no need to apologize. This "veteran" and her partner are a perfect illustration of what reality TV is...non-professional actors curating their brand...
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    TV Show contestant on Survivor

    Then there's this:
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    Happy AROTC branching day!

    @Dckc88 , congratulations to your DD and all the other MS4 DD's and DS's. I hope you all got one of your top choices. This starts a whole new stage in their lives; much like, but much more consequential than being a HS senior having received the coveted fat envelope one's first choice college...
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    King Hall Food Shortages

    I smell a new "Another Important Matter Concerning the Existence..." thread coming soon. And I do mean smell.