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    Your kid and what they should do.....

    In Israel things work different because of the draft. Everyone, mostly everyone does goes into the army at 18 and when they finish 2/4 years later, many of them take some time off and go abroad. Many go to India, some go to the US and or wherever. Its only after they have accomplish this do...
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    Grayback Submarine Discovery/Location- Last Combat Mission January 1944

    Its been so long that there may not be anyone around who remember these fallen sailors. The shame being that their families never knew what happened to them.
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    AFOQT Score

    The PCSM score is what counts and that is calculated using the TBAS score plus the pilot score from the AFOTQ along with any flying hours.
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    AFOQT Score

    Yes, that is very good
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    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    I am actually surprised more people dont quit the academies. I mean these are 17 year olds who apply to the academy with an idea in their head of what it is like and I have to imagine real life doesnt come close to what they thought. The interesting question is not why they quit but rather why...
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    The interesting part is that the Air Force also trains hundreds of Saudis and it doesnt seem they were grounded. Its not like the Saudi Navy pilots are any more or any less in danger of being radicalized
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    I dont know what standing watch means but I do know that when I went to my son' base at Vance and Barskdale, the people manning the checkpoint where you enter are armed.
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    Commissioning Question

    For the Air Force, it works like this. You can enter AFRotc with or without a scholarship. You can earn a scholarship while at Rotc or not. At the end of year two, you get invited to AF Field Training or whatever they call it today. If you dont get invited (my sons class 100% got invited but...
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    Three dead plus a dead shooter aboard NAS Pensacola

    I originally agreed with the Saudi statement which was they cant be responsible for the actions of all their people. What a Saudi does in the US or Italy cant be the responsibility of his or her country. However, someone posted that since the killer is part of the Saudi Royal Air Force and...
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    What are my chances of getting in?

    I think your ACT scores arent high enough. You need to work on getting them higher. Even your grades 3.3/3.5 arent fantastic. Having said that, they look at the whole picture so the lower scores doesnt necessarily mean you arent getting in. Just realize there are plenty of people with higher...
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    Accepted NROTC

    With Rotc, you can quit anytime before the start of Year 2. Not only will there not be a military committment but no money needs to be repaid.
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    Commandant suspended

    The funny part about that is if you were to remove all of the taxes put on cigarettes, the price of pack today would also be around 55 cent. At least, that is what i read somewhere
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    Commandant suspended

    Except there are crazy women bosses and using double standard as a defense seems pretty weak to me. Dont get me wrong there are also crazy men bosses and they too should go by by but no one defends them or condems them because they are males
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    Wanting Army ROTC but only AF is available...

    I will be blunt, I think the point of JRTOC is to get them into the military not to get them into a specific branch
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    First assignment after college

    My son is AF. Graduated in early May 2018 and was at Vance by June and started pilot training by August. He was supposed to go to Columbus in September but he was 1 of 3 in the country to be changed. Lucky him. However his speediness has bitten him in the butt. He was supposed to start...
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    T-38 Crash

    where did you hear about this. I dont know if there are more than 1 LT Col teaching the T-38, but met the LT. Colonel who is in charge of th T-38. My son flew with him several times
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    Early Elimination

    Not sure what is the point in sending in ACT scores you took freshman year. I have to imagine half the stuff you need to know for the test wasnt taught until sophmore and Junior year anyway.
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    T-38 Crash

    My son graduated from Vance in August and flew the T-38. This was something we always worried about. I have to imagine that it was instructor and student who died in the plane crash. We are heartbroken by this. The students for the most parts are kids and I cant imagine what their parents and...
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    Will one grade determine much?

    wouldnt a 92 be A-
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    Lets be honest, if the LT hadnt ordered firing on the truck that was advancing on him and it turned out they were armed and his men had died, he would be eating crap for allowing his men to die. It was honestly a crap shoot and he lost. He would be considered a hero if the people he had ordered...