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  1. Lazyboy

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    My son was pretty upbeat today, all things considered. “Off Topic” I’m going to make myself a shamrock shake tonight. Ice, vanilla protein powder, maybe some yogurt and creme de mynthe. Happy St Patrick’s Day! :topic::thumb:
  2. Lazyboy

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    I appreciate everyone’s kind words. I was bummed to not have been able to talk to DS yesterday, I worked a 16 hour shift. He applied to a bunch of schools, many have small incoming classes. So many strong candidates and so few slots. He is a very resilient young man, and this experience has been...
  3. Lazyboy

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    Portal indicated as such. Rough day. He also received denials from JHU and Swarthmore.
  4. Lazyboy

    Rejection from USNA 2022

    DS was Turned down by USNA.
  5. Lazyboy

    Waiting nervously and patiently for news

    Here comes a moment of overthinking this! Since most of the early selections probably won their slate, they most likely are very strong candidates. Then they take 150 off the top of the national pool. That is the top 150 of what is left. Safe to say you would not necessarily have to be in the...
  6. Lazyboy

    School walkout

    False dichotomy and emotion based argument. Not even worth debating with you. God bless.
  7. Lazyboy

    School walkout

    If one wishes to understand the clarity of the Constitution, there are a plethora of documents from that era that one can research. Federalist Papers, speeches, letters, etc. It puts the founders’ principles and ideas in context. CLARITY. Or you can just stick with MSM...
  8. Lazyboy

    School walkout

  9. Lazyboy

    School walkout

    Here is a post that stresses the importance of exercising a Constitutional right. But the motive behind this act is to deny a constitutional right to many others. It gets dicey when one tries to cherry pick their favorite parts of the Consitution. “...Enemies, foreign or Domestic” The...
  10. Lazyboy

    School walkout

    I Had a comment all typed out, but deleted it. It was an opinion that might be construed as political. :bleh2:
  11. Lazyboy

    Complete Pending Review

    “Son, this is what it feels like to be picked last for dodgeball.”
  12. Lazyboy

    Navy asked for my AP scores?

    Maybe they are looking at similar applicants and need a tiebreaker? WHO KNOWS
  13. Lazyboy

    Chance of getting accepted to USNA?

    Consulting an admissions counselor is sound advise. I also suggest you pray about it. God knows your path better than you do. Seeking help from the Great Counselor, you will know the right answer when it is presented to you.
  14. Lazyboy

    No News Is Good News

    There can be several reasons for the apparent lack of activity. We can speculate all we want, but unless you get the TWE, you are still a candidate!
  15. Lazyboy

    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Knowing, either way, will be a blessing. Another joyous part about an appointment, other than the long obvious list, is that I’m going to enroll my rising junior in a summer sports camp right around the same time as I day.
  16. Lazyboy

    For the parents of those waiting.....

    As far as the waiting goes, I’m getting more excited for my DS as every day that goes by that he is still in the mix. I was recently thinking back to Memorial Day of his sophomore year, he was fortunate to be involved in our hometown parade, via the local VFW post. He rode in a fancy...
  17. Lazyboy

    Email TWE

    A family friend attended Norwich and can’t say enough good things about it.
  18. Lazyboy

    Anyone hear about something down at USNA?

    From the article: “Midshipmen sources estimated the number of students under investigation to be as high as roughly two-dozen, despite the lower official estimate. “ Would something like this affect the number of appointments for classes in the immediate future? Sorry, I don’t have a lot of...
  19. Lazyboy

    Waiting nervously and patiently for news

    51 more potential trips to the mailbox. :thumb: