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  1. StPaulDad

    Remember that fortune cookie?

    It gives you an excuse to contact your AO. As long as you're respectful of their time (no more than monthly, not need a response, include something of value) they do like to know you are still actively interested and following up.
  2. StPaulDad

    Your kid and what they should do.....

    This is really important. The stress on kids starts earlier and earlier, and unless you consciously build a gap in every once in a while they're going to grow up without a complete childhood. A friend has a daughter in a 3+3 program where she completes her BS in three years and is pre-admitted...
  3. StPaulDad

    Received email declined appointment?

    There's an entire forum for Life After The Academy if you want to kick a thread off there and add a couple starter posts. Or you could whip something up to Sticky at the top of this USMMA forum. It might actually be really useful for folks investigating a potential career.
  4. StPaulDad

    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    Watch should probably be armed, but as mentioned above it's not a simple or easy step to expand that too much further. There's a lot of room for chaos if everyone has the potential to be legally armed. These on-base shootings are not being committed by outsiders, they are soldiers and sailors...
  5. StPaulDad

    Nomination interview

    If you still have another round of interviews to go it can be worthwhile to review your performance, but don't go back and re-live it just to brood over perceived missteps. Head up, eyes open, feet moving forward, pitter patter let's get at 'er.
  6. StPaulDad

    GPA vs. Standardized Tests

    I'm not entirely certain that specific USMA or USAFA standards are relevant here. The academies are not in lockstep on a lot of matters: requiring nominations, PFE vs CFA, color blindness standards and who knows what else. Senior site members can speak up with more details, but the RAND report...
  7. StPaulDad

    Another Poll. Because, well - we "got" time....

    I. Still want to be a USCG Officer so I am going to go to another school for a year and reapply in 2020.
  8. StPaulDad

    Early Action Decision Notification Time

    Eh, maybe. A couple of my son's friends hooked up for the spring and summer of senior year knowing full well that it was going to end in August. It was a short fling that worked as designed.
  9. StPaulDad

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    MN has a lot of very good burger places. King's Place down in Miesville has over 80 unique burgers on their menu, so many that they do burger flights on Wednesdays. (Here's a part of their menu. Note the Losing Streak, for example, which has an egg, sausage patty, hash browns and a splash of...
  10. StPaulDad

    USNA Shooting Club

    Look under S for Service Rifle and Pistol Team.
  11. StPaulDad

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Yes. They also do deep fried spam bites and tator tots with any of their wing treatments on them (mostly fork fare.) I love the place.
  12. StPaulDad

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    A burger joint a couple blocks from my house does a PB and bacon burger that's pretty outstanding. Here's a review from back when it was first introduced:
  13. StPaulDad

    Cross Country as a Team Sport?

    My DD played a team sport with about 15 on the roster and the coach always had three captains: one star player, one popular "player" from the bench and someone else the team chose. He didn't show the vote totals or tell them exactly how he arrived at these choices, but it was always so. You...
  14. StPaulDad

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    That's not bacon. At all.
  15. StPaulDad

    Decision Notification Poll

    I choose #7, What is Abraham Lincoln, and I'll wager $114 Alex. (Am I doing this right? 🧠)
  16. StPaulDad

    Will one grade determine much?

    Did you get a handle on the material, turn it around and show improvement or mastery? Your 4.2 says yes, so don't sweat it. Sometimes scars aren't disfiguring, they just show you know how to fight.
  17. StPaulDad

    Swim team walk on

    The current season schedule with full results is below. Just change the year to get data from previous seasons. The best source, of course, is the coach. Have him reach out directly using the info on the web site above.
  18. StPaulDad

    Pink & Green

    They must have shrunk. Awesome.
  19. StPaulDad

    HS Junior Applying

    If you need letters of recommendation or evaluation from a current teacher be sure to establish a relationship with them now. And if you need a letter for summer session warn them now so they know there's a spring deadline.
  20. StPaulDad

    TV Show contestant on Survivor

    Forgive my Get Off My Lawn, but back when I was a kid 39 seasons meant 39 years.