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    Nomination interview

    ^^ I agree. For those still in h.s., the MOC interview is likely one of their first significant interviews, so to try to assess how it went probably is a waste of time. Even in the civilian world, you can have an interview you thought didn't go well and still get the job or vice versa. Each...
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    this board seems quieter this year than last, right?

    I would imagine there are still a lot of people who mostly lurk and never post. The same questions get asked seasonally here every year, so there aren't really that many new topics to cover. Typically, you find the answers to the most commonly asked questions by reading prior posts. While...
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    Recruited Athletes

    Being a recruited athlete is no guarantee of a NOM or an appointment. Each MOC can nominate 10 applicants for each opening they have, so I wouldn't worry about who else is applying since you have no control over that. You also have no idea which college others may attend and perhaps some might...
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    Cross Country as a Team Sport?

    One of the things you will find about applying to any SA is that friends/neighbors/relatives or the even the postman will offer all sorts of well-intentioned advice even when they have no idea what they are talking about. People on here also offer a lot of opinions about various aspects of...
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    Last Nom Interview and Rank Order

    If he asks to change it back with no explanation it might look like he is trying to 'game' the NOM process which is never a good thing. The first mistake was overreacting to the TWE, should have waited to get that sorted out, but too late now. What explanation did he previously give when...
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    Tips for interview

    Lots of older threads on this topic. Typically, the BGO interview is held at the candidate's home and is more informal and less structured then the MOC interviews. These are more likely to be informal conversations vs a more rigid question/answer type of meeting. Constantly saying 'good...
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    What to wear to BGO interview....

    This is often discussed on here and there isn't one answer that fits for every situation. BGO's interviews are often done at the applicants house and how many h.s. students do you know who wear a suit/tie when sitting around their house? If the interview is held elsewhere, you can never go...
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    Is it better to attend NAPS (Naval Academy Prep School) or go to a university, attend NROTC, and be successful in your classes?

    One thing you will find about applying to any of the SA's is that well-meaning friends/relatives/neighbors or even the mailman will offer all sorts of advice even when they have NO idea what they are talking about. Make sure to get reliable/accurate/current information from those who actually...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    What do you plan to do differently if we tell it is more/less competitive? Not likely your parents are going to relocate to any area just to improve your chance for a NOM.
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    Social Media accounts?

    ^^ I agree, FB (which I rarely use) made a change a couple of years ago where I can now view the profile of 'friends' of 'friends' even if I have NO idea who they are. Seems a terrible idea and not sure how many realize this. Think it is smart to use good judgment and common sense about how...
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    “Paper Review” only of MOC Nom packets???

    Even if you could find out, not clear how that makes any difference to an applicant or what they might do differently as a result. Each MOC runs their own NOM process. There is no requirement that everyone is interviewed and MOC's who gets large numbers of applicants many only choose to...
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    Going to West Point after three, yes three, years of college.

    Eventually you have to decide what your goals are. Is becoming an officer in the military you main priority or being able to say you attended WP? If you participate in an ROTC program at a civilian you will also graduate as an office in the military. If you don't get accepted to WP, what...
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    Competitive District

    The number applying in any given year may/may not be the same as a prior year. You really have NO idea who/how many will apply this year and how competitive they might be. Probably the best approach is to treat everything about applying to an SA as a competition since far more apply then...
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    Congressional nomination interview

    Don't "talk around" a question if you truly don't know the answer. Nothing more annoying during an interview then someone giving a long-winded reply who talks for a long time in attempt to obscure the fact they don't know something. Even if you know the subject, give BRIEF answers. No need to...
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    Why One Wants to Join the Army

    Lots of applicants/parents read these forums and many probably never post, likely trying to glean input/advice/suggestions from the comments posted. For the vast majority of h.s. students, lacking any other specific knowledge of their background/experience, my general advice would still be that...
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    Why One Wants to Join the Army

    I agree about the 'be yourself' part, don't memorize answers or give stock answers that you think the interview team wants to hear. However, most h.s. students have had little experience in high profile interviews. Attempting to be a comedian can go terribly wrong if you say something the...
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    Congressional nomination interview

    Lots of older threads on this subject as it comes up each year.
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    Having No Sports, but Lots of Leadership Experience

    ^^ I agree. Band/drumline are musical related ECA's and you need to think about how you budget your time during high school. 90% of those attending SA's were h.s. varsity athletes. While 10% were not, you will still be expected to keep up with your peers once you start these physically...
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    3rd Alternate to the Principle???

    SA's advise you to apply for ALL applicable NOM's. Having more NOM's provides the SA more flexibility on where to slot the appointments. There is a sticky thread at the top of one of the forum's that provides more detail about the NOM process.
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    Should I/Where Should I include my research abstract?

    Since you are still in h.s. (according to prior posts) and you indicated it is part of some 'competitions', I think it would mean more to your SA application to reference any awards you might have won as a result of this.