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  1. DesertCaliMom

    Norwich University Parent info

    Football was told 8/9, maybe they're staggering it this year?
  2. DesertCaliMom

    Norwich University Parent info

    8/9/2019 is athlete report date.
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    Norwich University Parent info

    There's an "unofficial parent class of '23 Norwich University" group administrate by 2 parents from the class Of '22. It's nothing sponsored by the school but it's solid info sharing, uploaded files, and previous Rook parent experience and wisdom.
  4. DesertCaliMom

    Wanted a good 1 - 2 minute video on Norwich Corps of Cadets

    These aren't short but they're life of a cadet the 2nd half of rook year.
  5. DesertCaliMom

    Massive cheating scheme for elite college admissions, via ACT testing and fake athletic recruiting

    USC had a hand in it all. They lost 10 scholarships per year for 3 years, games overturned, and barred from 2 bowl seasons. There are also local recruiting issues, feeder schools with inappropriate private school scholarships... it's messy.
  6. DesertCaliMom

    Massive cheating scheme for elite college admissions, via ACT testing and fake athletic recruiting

    USC has been caught for this stuff before, especially with athletes. Bribery, buying athlete's parents a house and car, fixing state test score in the local database, etc... I am not surprised at all.
  7. DesertCaliMom

    Coffee at USNA?

    I sent my Norwich Rook some money to go into town and buy a nice breakfast for reading day. He sent me a picture of a box of Joe he had next to his laptop...
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    Does Norwich stack scholarships?

    FLC also comes with a $2k/yr scholarship which sets the investment if you choose to send him. One night was all it took my son, but about 50-70 rooks decide it wasn't for them a year. FLC is similar to rookdom enough it would be a decent comparison.
  9. DesertCaliMom

    IB vs. AP

    CA-8th academy liaison has been telling applicants that their office looks at dual enrollment more favorably than AP/IB and Honors. Just another wrench in the works. Hah.
  10. DesertCaliMom

    Leadership Reading Recommendations

    Duty as well as A Passion For Leadership by Dr. Robert M. Gates. Both great reads and insight into different leadership styles needed to serve.
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    Happy New Year!

    Sure :D
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    Happy New Year!

    @FutureMarine07 and many other members joined The majority of the C/O 2022 reported to the academies for summer training West Point updated their website Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned President Trump decided to pull troops out of Syria A former ROTC cadet, General Mark A. Milley is...
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    Camraderie among service branches at universities?

    And that's why my boy is pursuing one of the two government contracts for Cyber. They were told in Naval science class as well that it looks like some of the MCV class of '22 navy trained cadets will be offered direct commission to info warfare after graduation. If serving is what you're...
  14. DesertCaliMom

    Citadel Hazing

    Commandants can issue orders but the culture takes time to change.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    This is great. Way to recognize the students...
  16. DesertCaliMom

    Cyber Officer - Direct Commission - No Basic Training or OCS Required

    Navy is going to offer two ROTC units direct commission privileges based on non-contract standing, recommendations, and cyber experience while in school. DS is excited for yet another option to use his skills.
  17. DesertCaliMom

    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    You sound like my boy. Determined to serve and prepared to do so. Don't short change yourself into thinking USNA is the only leadership laboratory that will offer cyber and work for you. We all mean it when we say if cyber is your goal USNA will not guarantee that will be your career path...
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    Foreign cadets

    Norwich has cadets from around the world! My son studies with a young lady from Afghanistan, and several from South America. Happy to answer questions as well.
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    Pleasantly surprised by Norwich!

    The course load and the advanced and honors classes are still challenging. The ACT minimum isn't an accurate gauge for the rigor of the coursework. Because military service requires all kinds, and Norwich does look at the entire candidate, there are kids of all backgrounds. The academic...
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    Norwich Class of 2022 Recognition

    For the first time since the early '90s, Norwich Recognized its recruits before the winter break. After a year analyzing the rookdom training plan with his staff, COL Titus authorized "early" promotion, 6 weeks trimmed from the training. Of course the controversy has arisen that it's "too...