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    Becoming a pilot

    There are a number of ways to do this via the military. Below are some examples, they are not all encompassing. I have not included some small programs that have specific desired outcomes. The majority of military pilots start down one of the below paths. This thread does not address each...
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    Accepting your ROTC scholarship

    Thought I would share some common answers. They are worth what you are paying for them. Always confirm any information you read on this board. Accept your scholarship ASAP. You can do all three online, the NROTC link is hidden in the booklet. By accepting you are reserving the scholarship for...
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    Check for NROTC results

    First boards results are out. OS
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    AROTC Clarification

    This question is for AROTC. I got asked a question, did some research, and want to make sure this is correct. You get awarded a 4-Yr ARTOC scholarship to three similar cost schools. You will not be notified as to acceptance until March. You assign your scholarship to school A, but do not...
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    AFROTC Question

    My DS filled out an AFROTC application today. It was extremely brief. Is there a second step to the application? Or is just preparing cadets for the easy life of the AF? OS
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    Military Status on the common ap?

    I could find this anywhere on the blog. If you have been awarded an ROTC scholarship and expect to attend using the ROTC scholarship would you select Reserves or National Guard on the military service option on the common ap? If so, I assume you would list expected service dates to be month of...
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    NROTC results

    FYI, results from the latest board have been posted.