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    Uniform Alternatives

    So, I've grown sick of polishing my shoes for my squad leader to bone me for some trivial infraction... what are some good alternatives to Bates corframs that won't break the bank?? Can't afford the $140 asking price for those...
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    Swearing In

    So, kind of a dumb question, but I'm swearing into my unit on a two-year Navy Advanced Standing contract and I was wondering, how many parents attend their college Junior's swearing-in to the Midshipman Battallion? Is it weird if my parents come?
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    What to Expect

    I just picked up a two-year Advanced Standing contract with the Navy ROTC, what can I expect to happen next, or timelines related to things such as DoDMERB? The only thing I know so far is to report to my unit when I return to school to sign some papers, as my CO said over the phone. Thank you...
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    Board Decisions

    I know that all scholarships are handled by a board at NSTC, headed by Admiral Bernacchi, but how are contracts (commissions without the tuition) handled? I've heard some say that the same board decides those as well, or that the board sees the number of applicants each year and issues the...
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    Ask Me Anything: Rat at Virginia Military Institute

    I'm currently a Rat wrapping up the Ratline, or six month indoctrination process at VMI. Also, a mechanical engineering major and Midshipman 4th Class in the Naval ROTC unit at VMI. Ask me anything!