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    Keeping Calm

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    Returning from Philmont the Monday before I-Day?

    Risk - Gap between resources and mission requirements. I-Day Requirements: Taking the Oath of Office. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a Midshipmen. Resources: 100% Healthy Body. High risk-large gap: Elephant Gun (for grizzlies and wolves); 200-mile Kayak (do this when you’re a SEAL)...
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    Keeping Calm

    Restrictive Early Action and Early Action. One Early Action school accepted DS last December (sent non refundable deposit already to one... which is also listed in his AROTC School of Intent - for the third board in March).
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    Keeping Calm

    Concur. Some schools are Early Action - Non-binding; others Binding. We sent the non refundable deposit already and getting ready to buy airline tickets for the Northeast US Mainland.
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    NROTC scholarship status issues: still

    Just read your notes above. Sorry. Lesson learned for DS (after 30 years in the Army) is check and verify. In the military, many will say things with a smile; so smile back, and then verify.
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    Cooking classes vs. Athletic classes

    With your notes above, cooking credentials can be posted in your academy application in the academic awards/honors column if you have a certificate for it... along with your Math, Chinese Mandarin, Physics, and Chemistry awards.
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    Class of 2026 - Applicant Worries

    SAT: Aim for 1400+ ECs: Competitive School: Calculus/Physics/Chemistry/CompSci? Sports: Varsity letter? Fitness level: 11+ pull-ups? 6:30mile? 68+push-ups? 58+crunches?
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    Character Review Committee

    Post from College Confidential below: ——————/————/——————/ May 2008 You can get into the USNA with suspensions and arrests. All the Character Review Committee is just a screening to make sure that there is nothing to hinder your gaining of a security clearance. When dealing with the USNA CRC...
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    SAT with Essay?

    CFA calculator percentages matched the published (printed individual event average and above average) official guide. I know because my DS and I are using it together. It’s very accurate. So before passing judgement, have you use the CFA calculator to record your pull-ups, push-ups, basketball...
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    Keeping Calm

    1. Locked on plan B. Send non refundable security deposit to early action college. Peace of mind. 2. Lift, track, surf and repeat. 3. Crochet snow caps (USNA navy blue & gold; plan B college colors). 4. HULU movies. 5. Plan for revenge travel (after COVID or I-Day or plan B college).
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    Are my Academics good enough for West Point? Or I'm below the average?

    What’s your primary objective in life (you don’t have to answer this)? From your notes above, I’ve read, “my case is peculiar.” I think it’s also complex. If you really want to serve in the US Army as an officer, enlist. This will streamline you to the door, pass through the door, and become a...
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    2021 memes

    Kook anyone 😎?
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    Application Language Requirements

    In the USNA application, there’s a prompt to click requesting recommendations for Math, English, and Other (subject immaterial) teachers. So only list teachers that you have good rapport (don’t list one where you forgot to submit three homeworks). There’s also a prompt for the CFA evaluator and...
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    In need of advice

    He surfs😎? Got 13 boards for him 🌊 coconut 🌴
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    Not Selected by Army ROTC

    The best POC for AROTC is Montana ROTC, PMS.
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    Reapplying to USNA (after a turndown)

    I saw it in tv news (through YouTube) and newspaper print (through iPhone Safari search.
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    In need of advice

    For any DODMERB related questions, please contact Mr. Mullen, forum resident expert.
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    Scholarship for NROTC marine option- what are my chances?

    Please keep your guard up for an enlistment contract. Recruiter “mission” (monthly quota) is very intense. I’m a former Ops officer for a recruiting battalion.
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    Where to retire?

    Awesome! Winter is freezing... hypothermia weather 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
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    Where to retire?

    Surf? Hawaii. Got 13 boards waiting for you.