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  1. williamsdr3

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Nothing from TX-25 over here in Austin. My son is also waiting on that one.
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    Nomination received

    Congratulations! I may remember wrong but for some reason I thought you were in TX. If so, are you willing to say what district? What great news.
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    2019 Army-Navy Spirit Videos

    What does Sing Second on the WP Glee Club video mean?
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    What district in TX, if you don't mind me asking?
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    AROTC 1st Board

    Ugh, results expected mid-January on my son's portal, too. Was hoping for some news before Christmas.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    All indications are that it will be in December. Sen. Cruz's office pretty much said mid-December and they met some time ago. Sen. Cornyn board met last week.
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    Class of 2024 Admissions

    Welcome. My son is also a candidate from Texas. Sen. Cruz's board already met and Sen. Cornyn's is tomorrow. I believe both senators will notify by Christmas for sure. Senator Cruz's office specifically said mid-December and Sen. Cornyn said "shortly thereafter (the panel meets on Dec. 6th)...
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    University Honors Program at Texas A&M

    I would love to pick the brains of anyone with experience participating in or currently applying to the University Honors Program at Texas A&M. My son has A&M as his plan B. I was kicked :oops:out of the Univ Honors Program back in 1989 so much of my personal experience is no longer relevant...
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2024

    Navy ROTC system - Anybody have any idea if you have to keep the NetFocus account active after scholarship is award and accepted in the system? My son logged in to keep it refreshed about a week ago but now it says his account is inactive anyway but you can follow a process to reactivate it...
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    My Plebe Has Thoughts of Leaving USNA

    Y'all are making me so thankful my hometown is Austin, Texas! I do wonder about these warm-weather guys/gals moving up to Colorado or the East Coast.
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    Recruited Athletes

    Thank you @USMA 1994 and @SaltiDawg for your helpful input.
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    Recruited Athletes

    I have been thinking a lot about the recruited athlete aspect. My son met 3 athletes committed to USMA last weekend at his local MOC interview. One of them was from the local powerhouse athletic factory and wealthiest high school in central TX, and he reported there were two students more...
  13. williamsdr3

    Does "Waiver Granted" status mean I got the waivers?

    I see - good question to follow as my son has two DQ codes they are related to each other - I don't know if this means there are two waivers in process or one to cover both. Sounds like your situation might be two different conditions/issues with two different AMI's.
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    Does "Waiver Granted" status mean I got the waivers?

    I am not following - my son's DODMERB portal lists a status for each academy and ROTC program in the game. It should say which academy it is for. If you are looking at one academy's portal then go back to your DODMERB portal to see the full picture though I imagine they don't sync time-wise 100%.
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    USAFA Waiver Review

    This is just my first rodeo but I don't see anything else folks who have submitted AMI can do but to wait. If it drags on for months I would encourage my son to followup but he is only at the one week after AMI right now.
  16. williamsdr3

    USAFA Waiver Review

    Just one person's situation, but my son completed his essays (last item on the USAFA app) two days before his deadline. The next day, Oct. 31, he got a letter in his portal saying a waiver was being requested for him (DQ came through two weeks earlier). Additional exams were requested as well as...
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    Waiting game begins

    FFR interview is not in the portal but my son's RC confirmed when asked they had received the FFR interview. Seems strange to me.
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2024

    Congrats @Paragon! My son is the other possible future Aggie on the list (also Tier 3).
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    Phys Ed SOE

    Figuring out who could do the PE SOE (without a PE teacher) was the hardest point of my son's USMA app. Our FFR was not able to help and it took some time but he eventually got some direction from Regional Commander at an service academy event. Surprisingly to me, they told him to have a school...