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    College credit and HS scholarships

    @Impulsive - You are probably right regarding timing and differences by University. Her application including PFT and PMS interview were complete in mid August before school started up again for senior year. She listed her pending Sr Yr activities (classes, sports, EC's) on a 'supplemental'...
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    College credit and HS scholarships

    AROTC - Our experience differs than others indicate above. Continue to apply as a HS Applicant even with more than 30 credits. With dual enrollment 30+ credits you do not have to transfer all the credits to your scholarship school of choice. My DD received and fully utilized a 4 year AROTC...
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    Remedial Statement

    If applicable, include a statement as to current activities that indicate the disqualifying 'condition' is not limiting. For example - Asthma diagnosed at age 12 with prescription past 13th birthday. Participating in varsity cross country and soccer xxx years with no open prescription or use...
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    heard of someone who dropped out one semester into the AC year.. receives veteran benefits

    The question is what type of Veteran benefits? Medical benefits related to an injury incurred while at USNA? Possible. I don't think it's a waste of taxpayer dollars if an injury occurred while at the Naval Academy that prevents a commission and requires medical care at some point in the...
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    Graduating Early

    Take a lighter load. Take some classes for pure interest and GPA boosting. Do a semester abroad. Graduate on time. The biggest advantage with all these credits that at most schools you will be able to register earlier for classes.
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    Is it possible to contact the medical waiver authorities directly?

    @Whats_my_MOS Thanks. Those are the documents I was describing. There is another process flow that differentiates the waiver process when applying from within an ROTC program rather than as a scholarship applicant. It's similar to the medical determination process when a cadet is injured. In...
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    Is it possible to contact the medical waiver authorities directly?

    The process for waivers and communication with DoDMERB is different if in an ROTC program (Brigade Scholarship) vs prior to enrolling in ROTC. Maybe moderator @AROTC-dad has a link to the process flow documents for DoDMERB that show this distinction. If it were my child at college I would...
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    Female wrestlers

    How is that right? If she chooses to compete why not compete rather than forfeit? My son wrestled with girls on his team since age 5. One of these great practice partners, leaders, and teachers (female) on the mat is now competing with the US Women's National Team. She would not be where she...
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    Tulane ROTC

    Future Jarhead - For AROTC my then HS Sr daughter reached out to the person that answered the phone at the ROTC department. Provided her contact information to be given to a current cadet. The cadet reached out, answered questions and then hosted a short overnight visit to get a feel for the...
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    Travel to USAFA from Denver airport

    This is true. It has turned out to be a great perk for a student far from home without a car. Our 19 year old needed to rent for a weekend last semester. Under age driver fee waived for USAA members 18-24 with Hertz, Avis, and Budget. He is listed as a driver on our USAA Auto Policy and has...
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    Commitment and Relationships

    kinnem - I know plenty of married ROTC cadets, some with children some without. What ROTC program restricts dependents? I know there are issues with single parents but not married cadets. Edit: Number of dependents for ROTC may require a waiver but I'm not aware that having dependents in...
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    Can't find anything related to this injury...

    Not a doctor nor associated with DoDMERB. Review of DoDI 6130.03 doesn't look like it's disqualifying - this is the basis for all services basic medical standards. Though not Navy, the Army Regulation AR40-501 indicates orchiectomy is not disqualifying for retention as long as there are no...
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    APFT scores / scholarship

    It will mess with the stipend $. He won't receive stipend until contracted and it is not back paid. So does that equal $200 for 8 situps if he contracts two weeks late for current cadets? My child did the same nine years ago and it was a great lesson regarding lifetime fitness rather than...
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    AROTC room and board vs tuition for scholarship payment

    OP - sorry your benefit is limited. The Room and Board benefit should be reviewed and considered for increase or a change to the benefit calculation by Cadet Command. Room and Board costs have increased dramatically across the nation. They should go back to the benefit value of a...
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    Your final 'payback' really doesn't begin until after completion of residency. So 11 years (specialty dependent) would be after completion of residency not medical school.
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    Plebe height?

    Army Standard is 58 inches for men and women though administrative waivers are possible. She'll be fine at 63 inches. AR40-501 - Chapter 2 2–3. Height and weight a. For both men and women, height below 58 inches or over 80 inches does not meet the standard. The height is measured and then...
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    ROTC Cadet Airborne School

    Was the payment for travel? Or was AAS immediately before or after Advanced Camp? - meets the 30+ day requirement
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    Army Medical Corps Social Worker

    If you have your masters degree and license contact an AMEDD recruiter. I know there are AMEDD recruiters in Peoria and Deerfield and likely more - they all have facebook pages too. Social Workers are Medical Service Corps rather than Medical Corps. Here is a link to find AMEDD Recruiter...
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    No campus based scholorships this year ?

    Is it a vetted source that told you there would be no campus based scholarships in the northeast? Check with another Recruiting Ops Officer. @clarksonarmy He is an ROO in the Northeast. The ROOs should know other alternatives for funding.