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    Disappointment in President’s unprofessionalism

    As long as he keeps getting our military rebuilt and supporting our service members,I don't care what he wears.
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    In this AM's Wall Street Journal

    My DS (SARC/SOIDC) Marine Raider sent me this article yesterday. He knows COL Hoffman and speaks highly of him. We need more role models like COL Hoffman in the Corps. It takes a lot of guts to admit a problem like he did, seek help, and let other Marines know it's okay. Too many of our...
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    Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA?

    Not all high schools provide a weighted GPA, and those that do may use different methods of weighting. Each SA and ROTC program has its own method of weighting a candidate's GPA and will do so once transcripts are received. If you apply to multiple SA's or ROTC programs, you may see a...
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    Your kid and what they should do.....

    I agree that many parents put too much pressure on their kids, and some teens definitely put too much pressure on themselves. But I strongly disagree with this new trend toward taking a so-called "gap year." Instead, we need to teach our kids how to prioritize their tasks so they have time to...
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    I am a college professor on base and several of the guards, as well as base MP's, are in my classes. They uniformly agree that base security is a joke.
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    Just as a point of information, I work part-time at a joint Army-Air Force base and I cannot bring a weapon on base despite having a CCW for 25 years. And the private security guards at the gate may look like they are armed, but their weapons are not loaded.
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    NAS Corpus Christi on Lockdown

    As if the shootings aboard NAS Pensacola were not bad enough, NAS Corpus Christi is now on lockdown. Everyone is being told to shelter in place. Praying that tragedy is averted this time.
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    BFE Received!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Kings Point family! Hang on because the journey has just begun. Merry Christmas!
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    Academically qualified but on national waiting list as HOLD candidate

    Almost every candidate who is eligible for appointment is put on hold status for anywhere from days to months. Hold is a good thing. It means you have essentially survived the first cut and are still in the running for an appointment. Once admissions makes a decision, your status will change...
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    Three dead plus a dead shooter aboard NAS Pensacola

    Thank you for this description @Capt MJ. My son served as a CACO at Norfolk and was honored to be selected for that duty. One of the hats I wear in civilian life is teaching Death Notification and Victim Advocacy to law enforcement personnel. I can say that without a doubt, the Navy gets this...
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    Congratulations KPC2024 and welcome to the Kings Point family!!
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    Three dead plus a dead shooter aboard NAS Pensacola

    Praying for victims and their families. Hoping this incident will spark a reexamination of the wisdom of training Saudis in Pensacola alongside our SNA's. They are routinely given preference in flight hours over our own SNA's, and saying that most of the Saudis are not safety conscious is an...
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    Received email declined appointment?

    Thank you for the comments, @beyond. My DD is a deck cadet on a tanker right now. I have learned a lot about the level of responsibility as you described above. She is working at least 12-hour days seven days a week (not including sea projects) right along with the third mates. When they are...
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    Prior Enlisted Question

    Yes, you could sail on your license or go active duty in any branch. Same opportunities and obligations as all USMMA Mids.
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    Congratulations on the appointment to you and your DS. So wonderful to have a great option so early! My DS got a December appointment, but remained undecided until March. Even though he took awhile to make up his mind, he has no regrets that he chose USMMA over USNA. Good luck with your...
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    Chances of appointment?

    There are three choices of engineering majors at USMMA. If you are interested in ME, USMMA will offer you more hands on engineering experience than any other school bar none. You will spend an entire year at sea in engine rooms helping to maintain and repair engines on different kinds of...
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    Nomination + CFA + Med Qual + Demonstrated Leadership + Academic Aptitude = Appointment about half the time.
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    Chances of appointment?

    I recommend a visit to USMMA if possible. Most SA candidates know very little about the school. You might be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities.
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    Congratulations on the appointment, fforlines. Let us know if you or your DS have any questions that can help with your decision. If he hasn't already, I highly recommend that your son visit the Kings Point campus.
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    Fees /Tuition

    Weekend jobs are available after recognition which will be late in plebe year, sometime in the spring. Until then, consider getting paid to stand extra watches. The going rate is currently around $20.