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    So, how is your Plebe Doing?

    Not sure "enjoying" would be the right words but DD is happy. Got the hack, dislocated her shoulder, and left her room one am with her shirt on backwards. She saw great humor in that as did her detailer and mates. They all did pushups through the laugher while she did a quick change. She is...
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    Referral in 9th Grade

    Wow tough group here. Please keep this in perspective. This is a young man who made a mistake. Hopefully for him it was one time and the counseling he received helped him see that and he has grown. This is blimp on the radar hopefully and it would be a darn shame to keep out a qualified...
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    Referral in 9th Grade

    I agree with all the above to be good practice but I offer just a slight right turn. I am always for full disclosure however, not in providing information if not asked to do so. A referral in most schools is like a warning ticket for a traffic stop. It means you did a wrong thing and we want...
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    Help with personal statement

    I share your exact thoughts DesertCAliMom. My first impression ..this is a cookie cutter response. No heartfelt passion its more of a resume. Avoid the "for as long as I can recall.........., the things on your resume. I feel like you spend a lot to time talking about others qualifications...
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    AP Classes!!!

    Wait is there a question here our just a statement? Unsure.........
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    Plebe Parade Friday 14July?

    Just heard they are not planning on live stream today. Real bummer.
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    Need help finding a tshirt

    Thanks, i will check it out.
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    College Calculus senior year of HS?

    Totally agree here with taking AP Calc at HS if available. The thing is any college, SA or regular, wants a math your senior year in HS. It does not look good on the application, transcript to not have a math and science your senior year. I would take it and just buckle down. Also, talk the...
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    Need help finding a tshirt

    So I saw a parent wearing a Tshirt that said " West Point..cause not everyone can get into the Naval Academy. The front said, "Plebe summer, if it were easy it would be called West Point" Cant find it anywhere and my hubby wants one. Anyone seen these floating around?
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    First Phone call

    My DD had the Hack. She is SIQ for two days. On an antibiotic and an inhaler. She sounds good and actually said staying in there bunk is worse than being out with the company. She hopes to get cleared today.
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    Personal Statement Help

    Speak from your heart. This is your chance to state what you want from the Academy and how attending will make that happen. Don't restate your resume, they have that in your application. Be honest. I would avoid over doing the long legacy of parents, grandparents. Most who apply have that...
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    Class of 2021 PTR Packet

    She received her appt in March. Do you know what company your DD will be in? When are you traveling?
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    Class of 2021 PTR Packet

    Welcome aboard. I have a DD in the same class. See you in 48 hours.
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    Non-Physical PS Prep

    Glad to see the comment about Reef Points- My DD has not put the to memory and has no desire to. Said she would forget them under the stress anyway. Would not be my game plan but I am sleeping in my own bed on IDay.
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    A different perspective as you prepare for Induction Day

    Thanks Hoops. But I am still gonna have that Old Fashioned tonight.
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    A different perspective as you prepare for Induction Day

    So I really needed this the most today. I reread this thread tree times. My DD is 7 days away for IDay. Last night, we talked about her biggest worries. Now I can't sleep. Just who I am dont judge;). She attended a private university last year and made the decision to apply to USNA late...
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    A different perspective as you prepare for Induction Day

    I am in the same "boat" My DD is not a re applicant but she attended a "normal" college last year. She is my baby and that was a hard one. However, I did just watch a video of Iday and that big door of Bancroft Hall slamming shut. I flat out balled at my desk. So at least I thought I was ready.
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    Appointment Question

    Happy to share. She took challenging courses in college and got to know her professors. Really was engaged with them, went to office hours and sought them out on how to improve her work. With that she as able to get some really good letters of rec. She was not an athlete in college but did...
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    Class of 2021 PTR Packet

    For sure join the Blb page. My DD is a will be a classmate. Welcome aboard and see ya in 14 days
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    Physical therapy for pain in hip

    This is wonderful advise. We lived outside of Annapolis and my DD pediatrician was at the Yard. Everything he did was documented in way that was honest but also fit within the DoDMERB language. At one point she had chronic season allergies which required an inhaler for a time. He was very...