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    Civilian Internships While in AFROTC?

    My daughter is doing one this summer for Northrup Grumman. Can you do the internship during the summer months?
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    Study Abroad

    Have you looked at Project Go?
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    Book Suggestions?

    With the Old Breed, The Generals, Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Nightingales Song.
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    Wanting Army ROTC but only AF is available...

    There is some entertainment value here, but I don't think it's from the perspective you're seeing. People aren't discrediting your postings, but clarifying and correcting. And doing so from a position of experience, both as parents and as military members. You provided incorrect or misleading...
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    I think he needs to be accepted into the school before he can accept the scholarship.
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    DD and DS?

    This is the official use of DD and DS as respects the military. But somehow the first D was hijacked to be "Dear" - probably by a spouse (and I write that as a spouse). :).
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    Any Advice for ProjectGo application?

    I second this. My son went twice during college but missed out the summer between freshman and sophomore years due to a late LOR. It's a great program though. My son went to Estonia and Kyrgyzstan and my daughter went to Morocco. The program is not only a good language program but also an...
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    Do you mean that an applicant can only meet two boards at most, i.e., he/she doesn't get a scholarship the first board they meet, then they get reboarded just once and meet the next board, and if they don't get the award at the second board then that is it? Thanks for all of your input.
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    November 15 NROTC Board results

    Do you know how long a board meets? Do they get through their allotted awards in a couple of days?
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    Need options for Plan B ? - good deal gouge for vets

    Interesting that it's not tied to using the GI Bill or the parent being AD. It looks like Section III/4/3 addresses dependents of retirees, unless I'm missing something:
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    ROTC scholarship has yet to pay.....

    I've experienced this delay with two kids at two different detachments. I stopped worrying on my first call to finance who explained that they knew what was happening. I did get worried when one time my son got a warning that his card key would not work if his bill wasn't paid by "x" date...
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    AFROTC Subsidy List

    No problem. Also, check out the "Room and Board" post above.
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    AFROTC Subsidy List

    Google AFROTC College Locator and plug in the college you're interested in, then on the next screen, click "More Information" and you'll see if there is any supplemental money for AFROTC cadets. I'm guessing this is the info you're looking for when you mention a "subsidy list." Two schools that...
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    ROTC and admissions

    In short, yes at some schools do have pull. Consider having your son contact the Cornell ROTC unit and explain that the school is his top choice and ask the contact's advice on whether he (the student) should contact Admissions to let them know of an additional Award. If the response it "we'll...
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    Sounds fun actually - good excuse for the trip. :) Good luck to your son!
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    My three kids all brought a resume, but I think only one interview truly reviewed it (they all received scholarships). So, I'd suggest bringing one - it can't hurt. But your son can verbally discuss issues resulting from mil moves. As for the dad showing up, the interviewer will know about his...
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarships / Admissions - AMA

    I thought you had to wait for an admission to accept the scholarship because the portal calls for uploading a letter of admission. At least my kids did unless we misread it.
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    When is Nov 1?

    If only all government agencies would be consistent!
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    When is Nov 1?

    Things No worries man! No snark taken! :) And all did work out well! Those "OH CRAP did I do something wrong moments" seem to happen with a lot of college apps.
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    When is Nov 1?

    This could lead to a larger question of which portal is the most user-friendly of all the academies and ROTC? :)