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    Appointment Wave

    Same here. I'm hoping the 13th was just a first wave and that the bigger wave is coming...
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    AFROTC Supplies

    I'm an Aggie Corps mom. My son is a fish. For A&M I think you just need to register for new student conference, register for housing and select Corps option. That's what my son did last year. I'd suggest getting new student conference at one of the early sessions. They select a unit at...
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Congratulations to all so far. Especially love seeing all those reapplicants be awarded those appointments. Good job!
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    So true. I read somewhere that "Mothers want their kids dreams to come true more than they do." Watching my son go through this process a 2nd time is heartwretching. I'm ready to celebrate if the appointment comes and prepared to support and help him recover and pick up the pieces if it...
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    Thoughts on SA reapplication plan?

    Son is a reapplicant to USAFA. He is at another SMC. He did retake his SAT last May. He took the SAT on a Saturday morning and had high school commencement the next day. He was able to bring his score up to over 1400. He tried to do as much of the USAFA application, senator...
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    Post-Graduate Engineering Possibilities

    The skills you will pick up at an academy or ROTC program will benefit and give you an edge in the outside world. Many engineers are brilliant with incredible resumes, very intelligent but they lack communication skills, ability to work cooperatively, ask questions, seek help when needed and...
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    Senior Military College Rigor

    Son is a freshman at A&M. He's in honors engineering and a fish in the Corps. Engineering at A&M is competitive and rigorous. The Corps pays for and provides tutoring for a lot of freshman classes for engineering majors. Fish year and Engineering courseload is a challenging combination...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I just received a text from a very happy son! He received another nomination to USAFA from TX-22.
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    Texas A&M Corps of Cadets/nrotc vs. non-nrotc

    Only difference in my sons unit is contracts (scholarship cadets) wear a pin and a patch with their service on their uniform. Everyone does the same things that the poster above mentioned.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    As in US mail? The mailbox? :) DS is away at college at A&M,not coming home until spring break. I'm going to have to get his permission to open his mail .
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Son hasn't heard either. Hopefully the candidates will be notified soon.
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    Government shutdown

    Son's AFROTC Scholarship posted to his account this week. They were notified that if shutdown continues they will not be receiving their stipend/spending money.
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    Sooooo, if there is a shut down...

    I thought they would have heard by now. Son got his nomination from TX-22 on Jan 18 last year. (It came up on my Facebook TimeHop this week!)
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    Sooooo, if there is a shut down...

    I'm curious too how this will impact application process as well. Our district MOC has not notified applicants either.
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    TWE: Thin White Envelope?

    Or version 2.0 "The Worst Email" It's an acronym for a rejection letter.
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    Letter of Assurance (LOA)

    Comparing stats will get you nowhere and drive you crazy attempting to analyze them. Our son had same stats as many receiving LOA and appointments last year. He (like many others with same stellar stats) received a TWE. There are so many other factors (congressional district, who is on your...
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    Marine earns rare medal for noncombat bravery

    Whoop! He's an Aggie! LT. Cranford was in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets!
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    CVW Invite

    Husband and son did the cvw his junior year of high school. Great experience. Coming from Texas required airline tickets/hotels. DS and husband flew into DC, rented car, drove to Annapolis, did the CVW. They stayed at hotel near airport and spent an extra couple days touring DC. Took the...
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    Nomination Status

    Last year son got his nomination at the end of January. He received his TWE in very late April/early May. Just have patience and focus on getting plan B locked in place. You'll be pleasantly surprised when an appointment comes or relieved you put deposits down and applied for...
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    Is a "B" in college chemistry bad?

    I have a college freshman jumping up and down with joy because he got a B in his college honors chemistry class. The class average was a 44 so he is doing the happy dance with his B.